EIRA is a Radio platform designed for artistic residencies. EIRA will be transmitted via FM (101.0 MHz in Aldeia de São Gregório, Caldas da Rainha) and online (www.osso.pt). It will host artistic, training and programming residencies based on radio, its context and its contemporary mutations. EIRA’s function is predominately laboratorial with a focus on community engagement. The project encourages critical thinking about Territory, a concept OSSO has been exploring over the past years.

EIRA is a temporary project focussed on Radio. The program will be heard in the village of São Gregório (Caldas da Raínha) and its surroundings and will include live music; talks with and about São Gregório residents and the surrounding region; workshops and radio projects developed by invited artists, researchers and collectives.

This platform appeared in three periods in 2020, June/July, October and December. The following will take place during the year 2021.

Partners / Supports:Antena 2; Junta de Freguesia Nossa Senhora do Pópulo, Coto e São Gregório; Centro Social da Junta de Freguesia de São Gregório; São Gregório Ginásio Clube; Escola Básica de São Gregório; Rádio Zero; Stress.fm and O Armário.