Access the radio projects developed by artists, researchers and collectives invited to this eighth edition of EIRA. Also listen to their conversations with members of OSSO.


The collective Sonoscopia, as a resident archive in this edition of EIRA, will present a significant portion of its sound editions and research, the result of continuous work that has been developed over the past decade. Alongside the remembrance of this journey, we will also spend a few days in residence at OSSO, where we will develop new sound creations based on the less explored areas of our recent archive.

Conversation between Ricardo Jacinto and Gustavo Costa | 16.02.23

Sonoscopia positions itself as a space for reflection and creation, where the convergence of different ways of thinking and acting stands out as one of its main strengths. Over these last few years, we have made an effort to create a space where various artists related to experimental, improvised, and electroacoustic music can exchange ideas and develop consistent work in a physical space that provides worthy technical and human conditions. We believe that this dynamic not only allows Sonoscopia’s creative collective to evolve but also enables the entire framework of collaboration with local and national creators to be properly established within an international network of creators. We aim to create a free space where people can feel a part of Sonoscopia based on their abilities, within the context of the Sonoscopia space/association/collective/project. We want people to come to Sonoscopia, attend our events, be included in our projects, and feel that they are a part of Sonoscopia.


In this edition of EIRA, Suse Ribeiro presents an eclectic selection of various works that intersect and traverse the diverse universes where she has contributed by playing, producing, or spatializing — in concerts, installations, documentaries, or theater and dance pieces. She also introduces some regular partners and projects with whom she has had the privilege of learning, sharing, and making music.

Suse Ribeiro, Musician, sound designer, and music producer. She began her career in classical music, playing for many years in various orchestras and collaborating with various conductors such as Reinbert de Leeuw, Marc Tardue, Michael Zilm, Peter Rundel, among many others. She studied orchestration, percussion, orchestra conducting, and music production. She works in the field of sound spatialization as a means and tool for artistic performance. In recent years, she has developed work as a music producer in the fields of music, cinema, dance, and theater. She frequently collaborates or has collaborated with visual artists, musicians, and companies as diverse as João Onofre, Ictus Ensemble, Remix Ensemble, Drumming GP, Companhia Olga Roriz, Rosas Dance Company, Warpaint, and Peter Murphy, among others. Recently, she arranged and directed the ensemble for the circus band at the Coliseum (2021). Currently, she creates and researches sound design with Ambisonics and Dolby Atmos technology. She founded the label Atmus and performs with various contemporary music groups in the field of electroacoustic music. She produces records in various musical styles, including contemporary classical music, jazz, and pop-rock. She records both in the studio and live.

CONCERTS | Eleonor Picas, João Almeida

Live music at OSSO. This concert is broadcasted on FM 89.6 MHz (São Gregório and surrounding areas) and streaming on this player.

Eleonor Picas | 18h

Eleonor Picas´s concert live at OSSO | 18.02.23

Eleonor Picas studied at the Porto Music Conservatory (with Professor Áurea Guerner) and pursued higher education at the Higher Music Conservatory of Madrid (with Professor Maria Rosa Calvo Manzano). She has worked with other teachers in masterclasses, such as Jeuan Jones, Josef Molnar, Stefanie Manzo, and Erika Wadenburg.

She has taught at various music schools and established harp classes at the Music Conservatories of Coimbra, Braga, and Aveiro. Currently, she is a professor at the Calouste Gulbenkian Music Conservatory (Braga), the Bomfim Conservatory (Braga), and Bando dos Gambozinos (Porto).

Eleonor has participated in several orchestra projects, including the Gulbenkian Orchestra, Porto Casa da Música Symphony Orchestra, Orquestra das Beiras e do Norte, and Guimarães Orchestra, as well as youth and academic orchestras such as the ESMAE Orchestra of Porto, Orchestra of the Professional School of Viana do Castelo, and Orchestra of Vale do Ave and Espinho, and the University of Minho Orchestra. She has recorded with various musicians and groups, ranging from pop and rock to jazz, including Vai de Roda, Zoe, Gnomon, and Luísa Sobral. She recorded an album and performed a show titled “20 Poemas de Amor e Um Desesperado” with the singer Maria João at the Teatro São Luís. Currently, she plays in the Harawi Ensemble, a classical music group from Braga, and is a member of Medusa Unit, with whom she performed at Zigurfest in the summer. She also performs with the Space Ensemble, presenting various film programs across the country. Eleonor has collaborated with the band Três Tristes Tigres. She completed the 4th Animators Course at Casa da Música, performing several times in educational concerts organized by Casa da Música. She also organized “Concertos para Pequeninos” in Vila do Conde monthly for three years and served as the musical director for the project “Quem tem medo?” (Who’s Afraid?), working with a group of young people from the Roma community at the Mosteiro de Tibães, where a musical project was developed with performances at Theatro Circo and the Museu dos Biscainhos. Eleonor also developed a community art project with the Lar da Fundação António Joaquim Gomes da Cunha.

João Almeida | 21h

João Almeida ´s concert live at OSSO | 18.02.23

João Almeida (1997) is a Portuguese trumpeter, improviser, and composer based in Lisbon, Portugal. In recent years, he has collaborated with some of the most prominent musicians on the national and international scene, such as Albert Cirera, Gabriel Ferrandini, Hernâni Faustino, Pedro Alves Sousa, Marcelo dos Reis, Rodrigo Amado, Ernesto Rodrigues, Guilherme Rodrigues, Gonçalo Almeida, Ricardo Jacinto, Nuno Morão, Angélica Salvi, Susana Santos Silva, Yaw Tembe, Ricardo Martins, Norberto Lobo, João Lobo, Abdul Moimême, Álvaro Rosso, Rodrigo Pinheiro, Yedo Gibson, Pedro Melo Alves, João Valinho, Mariana Dionísio, Maria do Mar, Peter Evans, Péter Ajtai, Mia Dyberg, Fred Lonberg-Holm, and Brandon Lopez. He is part of groups such as GARFO, PEACHFUZZ, Chão Maior, Lucifécit, Medusa Unit, Rodrigo Amado Refraction Quartet, LUMP, and AL!. In May 2020, he released his debut album, ‘SOLO SESSIONS * ||||,’ which focuses on the exploration of extended techniques and the use of objects to manipulate sound. Since then, he has had seven releases on his own label, JARECORDS, a platform he uses to showcase his work. He has performed at festivals and venues such as Teatro S.Luiz, Teatro do Bairro, Capitólio, Salão Brasil, Hotclube de Portugal, Sala Porta-Jazz, Zaratan, Café Dias, Sociedade Guilherme Cossoul, Galeria Zé dos Bois, Centro Cultural de Belém, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Culturgest Lisbon, Casa da Música, Outfest 2019-2021, Guimarães Jazz 2020, Festa do Avante, Festival de Jazz de Robalo, Quebra Jazz, Teatro ACUD, Madame Claude, LOOPHOLE, and has toured in Europe.


Conversation between Ricardo Jacinto, Teresa Santos and Eneida Lombe Tavares | 11.02.23

Conversation between Ricardo Jacinto and Hugo Brito | 18.02.23

Eneida Lombe Tavares (Barreiro, PT) holds a degree in Product Design from ESAD.CR. She lives and works in Caldas da Rainha in her own studio. She has participated in various group exhibitions across Europe, Brazil, and Cape Verde. Through materials, traditional techniques, and other rituals, she seeks to explore connections between Portugal and her native countries, Angola and Cape Verde.
She also collaborates with Jorge Carreira in the Mulato Studio and has worked with Portuguese brands.

Hugo Brito graduated as a chef in Amsterdam in 2003, following a path as a visual artist at Ar.Co and later at De Ateliers, Amsterdam.
Upon returning to Lisbon, after a few years of trying to reconcile two irreconcilable careers and working at various restaurants in the city, he opened Boi-Cavalo in 2014, of which he is the chef and co-owner. He worked on the concept of contemporary Lisbon cuisine, open to multiple influences, which has earned him wide recognition both nationally and internationally.