Access the radio projects developed by artists, researchers and collectives invited to this second edition of EIRA. Also listen to their conversations with members of OSSO.


Night thief
Starting from the idea of the rumour, Horácio Frutuoso and Fernão Cruz will work on the resulting space between the plausible and the farce. Taking as a starting point the experimentation of an unexploited geography, the artists propose a game between simulating what can be a false reality by using sound (through the radio) and the landscape (exploited by the land of the site). As with any rumour, the consequence is not foreseen of its outcome, as well as its materialisation.

Conversation between Ricardo Jacinto with Fernão Cruz and Horácio Frutuoso | 14.10.2020

Conversation between Nuno Morão and Ricardo Jacinto with Fernão Cruz and Horácio Frutuoso | 17.10.2020


Profecias de São Gregório

Fernão Cruz (1995) Fernão Cruz (1995) lives and works in Lisbon. His artistic practice has been revealed by the confluence between his main motive, which is painting, joining sculpture, installing it as a representation of the wanderings of an imagined situation or scene. His work was presented in galleries, institutions and international art fairs. Fernão’s work is represented among some of the most relevant art collections in the country.

Horácio Frutuoso (1991) works and lives in Lisbon and Oporto, His practice merges painting with concrete poetry, using sometimes different medias. He has regularly exhibited his work in different exhibitions and curatorial projects in relevant portuguese institutions and international art fairs.


“Espírito Santo”
Essentially a collective dedicated to cultural programming, Grémio Caldense sees in this residence the opportunity to create sound projects inspired by the work, collaborations and affinities it has developed so far. The collective will present, during this period, a diverse set of listening moments that will range from recording soundtracks and urban landscapes, collecting small conversations and interviews, as well as a cycle of free improvisation solos recorded for this context . The nature of this residence is thus based on collaboration with a wide and heterogeneous group of members of the collective and guests, such as the village population, passersby from the city, the children of our circle of friends, the musicians of our programming network, and the relationship of this group of people with the city, the village and the spaces we live in and have been occupying in the last years of activity.

Concert AL! (João Almeida e Gonçalo Almeida) recorded on 10.09.2020 at Igreja do Espírito Santo (part 1)

Concert AL! (João Almeida and Gonçalo Almeida) recorded on 10.09.2020 at Igreja do Espírito Santo (part 2)

Concert Luís Vicente and Mostafa Anwar live broadcast on 08.10.2020 at Igreja do Espírito Santo

Concert Paulo Vicente “West” live broadcast on 09.10.2020 at Igreja do Espírito Santo

Concert Folclore Impressionista live broadcast on 14.10.2020 at Igreja do Espírito Santo

Concert Ondness live broadcast on 14.10.2020 at Igreja do Espírito Santo

Concert José Lencastre, Hernâni Faustino and Vasco Furtado live broadcast on 15.10.2020 at Igreja do Espírito Santo

Concert Paulo Chagas and Fernando Simões live broadcast on 16.10.2020 at Igreja do Espírito Santo (part 1)

Concert Paulo Chagas and Fernando Simões live broadcast on 16.10.2020 @ Igreja do Espírito Santo (part 2)

Grémio Caldense (2015) is an informal group based in Caldas da Rainha, dedicated to the promotion of cultural events of an artistic nature. Operating since May 2015 and with a practically biweekly periodicity, until now, this group has organized about one hundred and fifty events of an essentially alternative nature, differentiated between concerts, independent edition fairs, cinema and poetry sessions, performances and visual arts exhibitions. With no fixed space for its activities, it operates in a variety of spaces in the city, from museums to reused public spaces, from the most conventional to the most improvised, with several partners with whom it has collaborated, public institutions, private entities and other associative groups.Due to the very balanced presence between national and foreign artists in its program, the group has placed Caldas da Rainha on an international circuit linked to contemporary and independent artistic culture.


MEDUSA Unit is an ensemble that gives continuity to the solo project (for cello, electronics and resonant objects) that Ricardo Jacinto has been presenting since 2014.

This project included the development of an electroacoustic device which, using an amplification system with microphones distributed over different points of the cello and a diffusion system with several contact speakers attached to resonant objects, allowed to explore the possibility of fragmentation and sonic dispersion of his gestures and the instruments body, articulating the auscultation of the instruments body with a soundscape and the acoustics in the surrounding space.

This new formation is presented as a continuation of the initial premises of the project, but this time with a broad group of improviser-musicians called to embody a score that is dedicated to think about relations and developing strategies for interaction of the ensemble with the specific concert spaces.

In this residence, the relationship between the small instrumental bodies and the vast space of the radio auditorium (in the FM), without walls, invisible and with limits conditioned by the orography and atmospheric conditions, will be the focus of our proposal.

Conversation between Sara Morais and MEDUSA unit ( Álvaro Rosso, Angélica Salvi, Nuno Morão Ricardo Jacinto, Violeta Azevedo and Yaw Tembe) | 03.10.2020

2020 / MEDUSA unit / Eira #2, OSSO, Caldas da Rainha
: concert-installation for ensemble of acoustic instruments, electronics, fm radio interferences and electromagnetic ultrasonic noises

OSSO´s FM radio arena is conditioned by the surrounding orography, atmospheric conditions and radiation power. Around OSSO´s emission antena we can listen to its broadcasts in a radius of approximately 10km.
The concert was recorded with close-miking on the electroacoustic instruments inside OSSO´s studio and also in a location on limits of the audible horizon of OSSO´s FM transmission arena. There one can listen to the spurious interferences with other FM radio stations. Recordings of electromagnetic ultrasonic noises from the radio receiver and recording gear where also collected. Both audio recordings where mixed in three audio files where the musical composition and performance are intersected with the distant recordings.

“Antumbra, Penumbra e Umbra” where performed by Alvaro Rosso (doublebass), Violeta Azevedo (flute), Nuno Morão (percussion, synth), Yaw Tembe (trumpet), Ricardo Jacinto (cello, composition and direction) / Recorded by Suse Ribeiro, Nuno Morão and Ricardo Jacinto / Mixed by Ricardo Jacinto




MILL - Makers in Little Lisbon

In this workshop we are going to make our own electric plasticine! The plasticine circuits are based on two types of plasticine mass, one that has conductive characteristics (colored mass) and another that has insulating characteristics (white mass). With this plasticine we will be able to make objects, toys and sculptures, which light up, move and make noise.
This activity aims to introduce children to the principles of electrical circuits in a fun and very practical way, with material that is familiar to them and a favorite in creative projects.

Electricity and electric circuits
Conductivity and resistance of materials
Open circuit, closed circuit and short circuit
Leds, motors and buzzers

“Squishy Circuits” is a project by “Playful Learning Lab” from St. Thomas University in the United States made by the professor AnnMarie Thomas. She’s the author os the book “MAking Makers” edited by Maker Media in 2014

Site oficial:
Ted talk:
Projeto original:

Conversation between Sara Morais and Nuno Torres with Maurício Martins | 10.10.2020

MILL – Makers In Little Lisbon is a collaborative project in Lisbon dedicated to the maker community. At MILL you can discover the talent to materialize your artistic or tech projects, as well as knowing about projects where to apply your artistic or tech talent.

Maurício Martins,Maker of Things, Tinkerer, problem-solver and Open Source advocate. Works mainly as Collaborative Project manager focused on DIY Experimentation with Electronics, Physical Computing and Digital Fabrication.

Tiago Rorke. From his experience as a designer, artist and researcher Tiago Rorke is usually immersed in prototyping and physical computing, tools and details. His work ranges from tools for making and teaching, to devices and experiences that interrogate our everyday relationships with technology.
Born and raised in Wellington, New Zealand, Tiago studied industrial design at the Victoria University of Wellington School of Design, and is an alum of the Computational Design Lab at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh PA.
Formally a co-founder of Diatom, a London-based studio building collaborative and open-source design tools, Tiago is now a freelance designer working between hardware and software, and living in Lisbon, Portugal.


Conversation between Ricardo Jacinto with Catarina Correia and Sabina Silva, Sociedade Filarmónica de Alvorninha | 13.10.2020


Radio is a long bone that forms the outer skeleton of the forearm, but it is also the pilot’s balestilha, a cut tree branch, the semidiameter of the circle, a ray of light, the atomic number 88 chemical element of the alkaline metals family, the transmitter or receiver of telegraphy and wireless telephony, and finally, a broadcasting station that broadcasts programmes by the system of hertzian waves… It remains for us to gather fragments of voice, sound and senses, to search for acoustics and sleepwalks, to accumulate layers of meaning to poetry and music through the frequencies on which our bodies vibrate in the vicinity of the village of São Gregório.

Conversation between Sara Morais with Raquel Lima and Yaw Tembe | 05.10.2020


Instruções de movimento

Mantra Ulna-Umero-Humerus-Radio-Radius

Membros inferiores e superiores

O Raio Roeu o Diâmetro da Circunferência

Osso oitenta e oito

Mantra rádio é um osso

Rótula mono 1

Rótula mono 2

Rótula stereo


Raquel Lima (1983) is a Lisbon based poet from both banks of the Tagus river and the Atlantic Ocean, an Angolan mother, a Santomean father, a Senegalese paternal grandmother and a Brazilian maternal great- grandmother. A poet, performer and art educator, raquellima sets out in this book & audio edition as part of a ten-year journey of essentially oral poetry, a movement that has taken her to over a dozen countries in Europe, South America and Africa. During this period, she presented her work in literature, oral narration, poetry slam, spokenword, performance and music events, namely FLIP – Festa Literária Internacional de Paraty, FLUP Rio – Festival Literário das Periferias, FOLIO – Festival Literário Internacional de Óbidos, Festival Silêncio, Palavras Andarilhas, entre outros. The transdisciplinarity with which she approaches art, memory and society, attentive to social inequalities and allied to a desire to find and understand her roots, led her to return to the academy, where she develops her research focused on orature and slavery in São Tomé and Prince at the Center for Social Studies at the University of Coimbra.

Yaw Tembe born in Swaziland, graduated at Jazz music-performance at the Lisbon Superior School of Music and Sculpture at the Fine Arts School in Oporto, been living in Lisbon for several years where he has developed an artistic career as a musician and sculptor, with a work characterized by the study of fragility and ephemeral phenomena in a process that has various medias. As a trumpet player he has been exploring the timbre possibilities of this instrument through acoustic resources such as self-made mutes and “prepared trumpets” and the implementation of electronics and the study of resonance, drifting around influences such as Jon Hassel, Axel Dorner, Pierre Bastien and Toshinori Kondo. He participates in numerous musical projects as a composer and interpreter such as GUME, Zarabatana, SIRIUS and Chão Maior, among others involving theater, video, performance and visual arts with Norberto Lobo, Hieroglyphic Being Joshua Abrams, Orphy Robinson Evan Parker, Marlene Freitas [Bacantes-Prelúdio para uma Purga], regularly presenting shows around Europe.


The focus on the radio component of the residence arises from the romanticisation of the transmission medium itself. It will be a space of search and amplification of resistance in a format considered by some “discontinued”. The relevance of this fantasy arises through collective and interpretative approaches to what “Radio” can be and express. The war for exposure led by the phantom algorithm causes new strategies to be put into practice for a deviation from the invincible opponent. It is clear that the flawed struggle must be brought to an end never neglecting the search for another universe where plurality is the guide that commands freedom at this time.

Conversation between Sara Morais and Nuno Torres with Rafael Van Ayres | 11.10.2020

Van Ayres guest – Odete

Van Ayres guest – Mynda Guevara

Van Ayres guest – Inês Carvalho

Van Ayres guest – Fallon Mayanja

Van Ayres guest – Aurora Pinho

Van Ayres – Eros e erros

Van Ayres – Windy Summer

Van Ayres – Descampado

Van Ayres – Sónica II

Van Ayres – Sick

Van Ayres – One another

Van Ayres – Queimada

Van Ayres – Adeus normalidade

Van Ayres – How to Radio

Van Ayres – Suprimida

Van Ayres (1994). Together with Rodrigo Soromenho he created the Maternity (Collective/Promoter of Independent Musicians) with the aim of establishing a platform for supporting and helping new musicians. He presented several performances to over the years of which the performances at the OUT.FEST (International Festival of Exploratory Music of Barreiro), several concerts at ZDB (Galeria Zé dos Bois) in Lisbon, and the participation in Serralves in Festa, Porto. He benefited from support for Phonographic Publishing by the Fundação Gestão dos Direitos dos Artists, and also of the Bolsa de Criação 2019 by OUT.RA, a cultural association with headquarters in Barreiro. These two supports made it possible to realise his most recent album “Final Spirit”. Recently finished the Post-Graduation in Sound Art at the Faculty of Fine Arts (2019-2020) and maintains a sound and performance research based in the Barreiro.