OSSO’s training activities focuses on artistic pedagogies that arise in the space of direct contact between the tutor, the participant and the territorial context of the event, in its cultural, geographical, affective, social and political dimensions.

This project is structured in two main axes: one that focuses on tutorials or workshops with contents and methods more specific to more advanced artistic practice and research, and another that implies the creation of more initial or introductory artistic training spaces. In this context, he has created two programmes of a workshop nature aimed at different but complementary audiences: the “artistic communities” and the “open communities“.

These programmes include proposals from both members of the collective and external guests. Designed in articulation with national (other collectives, schools and universities) and local (São Gregório Parish Social Support Centre; Pópulo, Coto and São Gregório Parish Council and São Gregório Primary School) partners, they explore alternative, non-formal pedagogical strategies in contact with the specific communities to which each workshop is dedicated, with a focus on disciplinary or post-disciplinary artistic cross-overs.