Access the radio projects developed by artists, researchers and collectives invited to this fourth edition of EIRA. Also listen to their conversations with members of OSSO.


Sound Essays (ESAD.CR Students)
In the context of the course “Introduction to Visual and Sound Arts” (1st year of the Sound and Image Degree at ESAD in Caldas da Rainha), the students were asked to create, in parallel, short “sound essays” from abstract images, and visual essays from abstract sounds, sounds of an unrecognisable source. The essays were developed in groups, progressively deepening the issues specific to each discipline, with the monitoring of prof. Diogo Alvim (Sound Arts) and prof. Diogo Saldanha (Visual Arts). In this broadcast we will hear the final sound works for the 2nd semester of 2020/2021. The creative process took place throughout the semester, articulating moments of investigation, experimentation and discussion, in order to stimulate an exploration of the potential of sound in its communicative, signifying and sensorial dimensions.

Sound Essays:
Odeio-o, é fantástico: Afonso Tomaz, Bruno Piedade, Manuel Gomes, Miguel Oliveira
Impulsumov: Alexandre Gomes, Diana Carvalho, Miguel Orfão, Paulo Silva
Pendulus: Teresa Gomes, Guilherme Rocha, João Carlos Pinto, Tiago Ribeiro
Melodia da fúria: Ana Santos, Carolina Palmeiro, Marisa Silva
Purgatório: Andreia Silva, Beatriz Martins, Filipa Lourenço, Julia Tonn, Mariana Correia
Torção: Carlos Pedro, Guilherme Rodrigues, Carlota Ribeiro, Pedro Reis
Prisma: João Olivença Pinto, Leonardo Baptista, Percidio Mafumo, Rafaela Batista, Raquel Cordeiro
Trajectória: Beatriz Santos, Diana Domingues, Ines Moreno, Jéssica Jordão
Colapso: Daniela Carolino, Jean Echeverria, Jonathan Celis, Maria Pisco
Mérimna: Diogo Infante, Flávia Santos, Maria Ester Mano
O Grito: Fábio Santos, Guilherme Barradinhas, João Coelho, Mariana Simões
S/ Título: André Inácio, Bruno Cristiano, Leonardo Piscarreta, Nelson Neves
Interior Extrínseco: Tiago Novo, Lara Tomás, Ricardo Mineiro
Parede de Cronos: Maria Angélico, Miguel Henriques, Tiago Campos
ordemdesordem: Ana Cuco, Gonçalo Santos, Hugo Delgado
O Infantil: Ana Mirra, João Vale, Marta Rocha, Rafael Monteiro
S/ Título: Rita Toscano, Miguel Sousa, Nuno Marques
Inexorável: André Cópio, Lara Dias, Madalena Nunes, Mariana Oliveira
Camadas: Bruno Trindade, Vladyslav Fomichov
In Motion: Diogo Sousa, João Gomes, Margarida Flores, Tomás Pereira
Estranheza composta: Inês Taveira, Mariana Moreira, Sara Justino, Sara Silva
Conversas entre a Natureza: Maria Ribeiro, Rita Ribeiro

Sound essays by ESAD.CR students with Diogo Alvim | 20.06.2020

Conversation between Nuno Morão, Nuno Torres and Ricardo Jacinto with Diogo Alvim | 20.06.2020


Fado Bicha celebrates the summer solstice with a radio show included in the fourth edition of Eira. On the day with the most hours of sunlight of the year, we will talk about luminosity!

The light that allows us to see and be seen, the light that announces a force, an energy, and guides us towards safety or a challenge. The light that indicates presence, existence and the light that we cast on memory and our heritage.

Metaphors about what we intend to bring to this programme, which will include an interview with a friend and companion who inspires and illuminates us; a report on the Lisbon Pride March, in which we will be block animators; lots of music, memories of past summers and wishes for the coming summer, with a promise of generalised vaccination, concerts, finally, work, creation, communion! And when will the hugs, be given without fear and without mask?

We start already on the 21st, feel the hugs.

Broadcast of Fado Bicha | 21.06.2021

Fado Bicha is a musical and activist project created and developed by Lila Fadista, voice and lyrics, and João Caçador, instruments and arrangements. On stage, they operate an unprecedented exploration within the fado universe, overcoming the rigid gender barriers of traditional fado and creating narratives for themes that still had no expression. The project encompasses an intervention, starting with the representation of the LGBTI community, and adding issues that concern them and political positions in which they put themselves, talking about gender, colonialism, racism, feminism and animal rights, for example. What they bring is basically a subversion of the heteronormative rule, very strong in traditional fado, and in Portuguese society in general, claiming the right to appropriate a heritage that is also theirs and to exploit it according to their identities and experiences, which is at the base of any artistic process, whether it’s seen as subversive or not.


Essentially dedicated to cultural programming, Grémio sees in this residence the opportunity to create sound projects inspired by the work, collaborations and affinities it has developed up to now.

For the fourth edition of EIRA the collective presents a series of concerts from its programme, with the live broadcasting of the concerts of the Catalan saxophonist Albert Cirera and the DDK Trio, formed by Jonas Kocher (accordion), Jacque Demierre (piano) and Axel Dörner (trumpet). Live will be broadcasted the concerts of A Lake by the Mõõn, Dakoi and George Silver. All concerts were and will be recorded and broadcasted from the Espírito Santo Church in Caldas da Rainha.

A Lake by the Moon concert, live on 19.06.2021, at Igreja do Espírito Santo, Caldas da Rainha

Dakoi concert, live on 19.06.2021, at Igreja do Espírito Santo, Caldas da Rainha

George Silver “Um outro santo” concert, live on 22.06.2021, at Igreja do Espírito Santo, Caldas da Rainha

Alberto Cirera Concert, recorded at 23.05.2021, at Igreja do Espírito Santo, Caldas da Rainha

Maria Reis “Zeca” Concert, recorded on 05.06.2021, at Igreja do Espírito Santo, Caldas da Rainha

DDK Trio concert, recorded on 13.06.2021, at Igreja do Espírito Santo, Caldas da Rainha

Grémio Caldense (2015) is an informal group based in Caldas da Rainha, dedicated to the promotion of cultural events of an artistic nature. Operating since May 2015 and with a practically biweekly periodicity, until now, this group has organized about one hundred and fifty events of an essentially alternative nature, differentiated between concerts, independent edition fairs, cinema and poetry sessions, performances and visual arts exhibitions. With no fixed space for its activities, it operates in a variety of spaces in the city, from museums to reused public spaces, from the most conventional to the most improvised, with several partners with whom it has collaborated, public institutions, private entities and other associative groups.Due to the very balanced presence between national and foreign artists in its program, the group has placed Caldas da Rainha on an international circuit linked to contemporary and independent artistic culture.



“O tempo do Invasor I”, live at EIRA| 23.06.2021

“O tempo do Invasor II”, live at EIRA | 25.06.2021

“O tempo do Invasor III”, live at EIRA | 26.06.2021

Focused on the design of installation, performance and concert programmes, Invasor Abstracto is a project of the collective OSSO, with the participation of Matilde Meireles, Nuno Morão, Nuno Torres, Pedro Tropa, Ricardo Jacinto and Rita Thomaz, which proposes itself as a space for reflection, creation and collective presentation. In its various iterations, the creative territories of each author intersect in imagined journeys between their creative centre (Aldeia de São Gregório, Caldas da Rainha), other distant places and the spaces and communities that host them.

Invasor Abstracto is the nomad expression of a collective whose artistic work operates on a notion of territory, with a focus on its aesthetic and political implications on the construction of temporary communities.

Music, drawing, photography, sound, sculpture, video and performance, establish (through their singularities and hybridizations) a network of dialogues between the 6 members and the different places occupied by them.

In this edition of EIRA, Invasor Abstracto will be in residence preparing its programme for Teatro do Bairro Alto, which will take place between 20th September and 23rd October this year.



Conversation between Nuno Morão, Nuno Torres and Ricardo Jacinto with Paulo Chagas and Carlos Canão | 24.06.2020

MIA – Paulo Chagas and Carlos Canão with Nuno Morão, Nuno Torres and Ricardo Jacinto concert, Live at EIRA | 24.06.2020

CACTO (Nuno Torres, Ricardo Jacinto e Nuno Morão) concert, live at Festival MIA 2021

ZPOLURAS is a cultural platform oriented towards the creation, development and promotion of contemporary art in the fields of music, poetry, visual and performing arts. ZPOLURAS’ aesthetic options move preferentially towards experimentation and spontaneity, embracing a broad dimension of approaches, languages and traditions in the creative process.
This cultural movement aims to aggregate a set of means to enable free, alternative and provocative artistic expression, in order to combat the stagnation, formatting and globalization of the human mind of our days.
Based in Peniche, ZPOLURAS was constituted as a non-profit cultural association in 2016, although the activity of this platform goes back to 2008 with the foundation of P.R.E.C. (Projecto Ressonante Experimental Criativo), a multidisciplinary artistic collective whose course of shows in various parts of the country, would give rise to the creation of the Meeting of Improvised Music of Atouguia da Baleia (MIA) in May 2010.

MIA – Encontro de Música Improvisada de Atouguia da Baleia is an event that began in 2010 and that takes place annually in this historical village on the west coast of Portugal.
The MIA usually develops in the artistic and pedagogical aspects of musical experimentation and innovation.

The MIA began in 2010, from the will of the P.R.E.C. collective to hold a concert. (Project Resonant Experimental Creative) with a wide range of guest musicians. Since then the Meeting has been held annually in the Philharmonic Society’s Auditorium and other patrimonial spaces of the parish of Atouguia da Baleia, in the municipality of Peniche.
This Meeting, considered as a daring proposal, at the time of its creation in 2010, given its unprecedented character, ended up becoming an unavoidable phenomenon and assumes itself as an important enriching movement of the local culture, besides representing a fundamental landmark in the Portuguese and international musical agenda. It is worth mentioning that dozens of new artistic projects have already been born from the connections created at the MIA, and several events articulated with the MIA take place regularly in Portugal and abroad.
Like all other Zpoluras actions, the MIA is an absolutely non-profit project that relies on the generosity of its participants and supporters, without which it would not be possible to carry out the set of activities developed annually.

After a bad year in which we were forced first to postpone the MIA and then to reduce it to two or three small homemade moments with online broadcasting, we will try to resume a meeting that has already completed a dozen editions. The 12th MIA will take place between June 18th and 20th.
At a time when Zpoluras – Cultural Association, the organizing entity of the event since its creation, is integrated in an international project (S.H.A.R.E.) for the promotion and development of improvised music, the MIA 2021 will have the participation of European partners in this project, with artists coming from France, Italy and Denmark. The project aims at the creation of an international Federation in defence of this musical genre.

Artistic Director – Paulo Chagas
Executive Director – Fernando Simões


For some time we have been interested in the state in which our body, on the verge of falling asleep, loses its contours and seems to be diluted in a kind of emulsion that gives us back a less rigid and less identitary experience – a state between wakefulness and sleep. Somewhere in our wanderings about this state, we came across the radio broadcasts of the French surrealist poet Robert Desnos. For this residency at OSSO we decided to return to Desnos, for the freedom and absurdity that characterise the radio descriptions of his dreams, but above all because of the need to be accompanied by a radio person in the first days of the residency. It is good to feel accompanied and certainly our affinity with surrealism, be it through the different word games, the appeal to repetition or the challenge to a certain idea of coherence, will also show in this emission.

Conversation between Nuno Morão, Nuno Torres, Ricardo Jacinto and Rita Thomaz with Sofia Dias and Victor Roriz | 25.06.2020

De olhos fechados

Sofia Dias & Vítor Roriz are a duo of choreographers and dancers that collaborates since 2006 in the research and creation of several shows and performances, having collaborated closely with structures like Bomba Suicida, O Espaço do Tempo, Materiais Diversos and Alkantara. As a duo they have collaborated with several artists such as Catarina Dias, Lara Torres, Marco Martins, Clara Andermatt, Mark Tompkins, Francisco Tropa and Tiago Rodrigues. They teach regularly and organize residencies and reflection meetings between artists in different contexts, having curated the second edition of Fórum Dança’s Advanced Programme of Creation in Performing Arts in 2018/2019.