LUGAR_ 28 NOV-1 DEZ 2013
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ESCUTAR_ 12-14 JULHO 2013
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ECHOES Documentation Center will be open from September until November 2013 in the house of Lisbon Architecture Triennale.

Sinel de Cordes Palace | Campo de Santa Clara, 142-145, 1100-474 LISBOA

We want this documentation center to become a public platform where associated contents to the subjects of the program can be gathered. It may also be useful to contextualize guests’ work and investigations.

Beyond the phisical space (from September until Novembre in Lisbon Architecture Triennale) where books, films and discs will be available for consultation, here you will find a virtual extension that will map other internet websites with information on these themes.
We are open to suggestions. Feel free to contact us.


Brandon Labelle –

Carlos Santos –

Cláudia Martinho –

Francisco López –

Gustavo Costa –

Janek Schaefer –

Jennie Savage –

Luís Antero –

Maile Colbert –

Peter Cusack –

Rafael Toral –

Rui Chaves –

Salomé Voegelin –


Acoustic Ecology Institute –

Arb Sonics –

Binaural –

The City Rings –

Experimental Intermedia –

A Música Portuguesa a Gostar dela Própria –

Sonoscopia –

World Forum for Acoustic Ecology –

The World Soundscape Project –


Brandon Labelle –

Creative Sources –

Green Field Recordings –

Journal of Sonic Studies –

Sound Studies Blog –


Aporee –

Belfast Soundmap –

Escoitar –

European Acoustic Heritage –

Favourite Sounds –

Lisbon Soundmap –

London Sound Survey –

Montreal Soundmap –

NY Soundmap –

Porto Sonoro –

Rabeca –

Soinu Mapa Basque Country Sound Map –

Soundcities –


Kunst Radio –

Live VLF Natural Radio –

Rádio Manobras –

Rede Internacional de Rádios RADIA –

Resonance –

Sound Art Radio –

Stress –