ECHOES#4 – 07-09 MARCH 2014

Ana Trincão

(Portugal, 1981)
Lives and works in between Berlin and Lisbon since 2010. She got a master degree in Dance (MA SODA) UDK / HZT Berlin (2012) and received a scholarship to attend her studies by Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. She has a degree in Visual Arts by ESAD in Caldas da Rainha Portugal and the University of Hildesheim Germany (2005) and attended the Course of Choreographic Research and Composition of Fórum Dança in Porto (2005/2006). In 2001 worked in the Gallery Wieland in Berlin and was an assistant of the artists H.Samjong in the project/installation Kioskshop Berlin. In between 2005 and 2007 her worked was presented in visual arts exhibitions such as Cerveira Art Bienal (Portugal) and Certamen of Nova Cerrada (Madrid). Ana worked in CENTA (Centre for Research and New Artistic Trends), directing the performance art department. (2008). In 2009 was a “DanceWEB” scholarship holder at Impulstanz Festival, Austria Vienna, and was an invited artist at Pointe to Point meeting, a platform for creation and exchange between Asia and Europe, organized by ASEF and Alkantara in Lisbon. In 2011 was resident artist at the fourth edition of the Artists Residency Program of Ibero-American and Haiti in Mexico. She is a member of the artistic research group “interferencias”. In 2012 she organized together with the core team of the collective, the project “ What can we not do Alone? The project took the form of three residencies in Portugal, Austria and Mexico were the artists worked with and about the local context of the 3 Countries and presented their latest project as a collective “El libro –Interferencias-The book”. In 2012 Ana was an artists part of the project Sowing Seeds, India, were she worked together with the female community of the village of Jetpur on the subject of female illiteracy. Since 2007 develops projects that cross the dance to visual arts: “Untitled until today” (2007),
Flight of a territory (2008) “Untitled with paper” (2010) “Aletheia” (2010), Crystal (2011) and Pink-Room (2013). She worked from 2007 to 2009 regularly as a dance and visual arts teacher. Her works have been presented in Portugal, Spain, Germany, India and Mexico.

António Guterres

Management of territorial development projects, among others: the Coordination of the Center for Artistic Experimentation in Vale da Amoreira and Director of the Critical Neighborhoods Iniciative. Consultant for several organizations and urban areas, and also a researcher in urban studies. Makes conferences and workshops on urban studies in several contexts. Editor at Stress FM and partne of Dinamia-CET ISCTE-IUL.

Brandon LaBelle

Brandon LaBelle is an artist and writer. His work addresses the relation of the public and the private, sociality and figures of the outcast. This results in contextual and situational projects and performances that often create forms of intervention in public spaces, acts of translation and archiving, as well as micro-theater aimed at the sphere of the common. He also initiates collaborative projects through Errant Bodies project space, Berlin. He is currently Professor in new media at the Bergen Academy of Art and Design.
His work has been presented at the Marrakech Biennial (2014), General Public, Berlin (2013), Whitney Museum, NY (2012), Image Music Text, London (2011), Sonic Acts, Amsterdam (2010), A/V Festival, Newcastle (2008, 2010), Instal 10, Glasgow (2010), Museums Quartier, Vienna (2009), 7th Bienal do Mercosul, Porto Allegro (2009), Center for Cultural Decontamination, Belgrade (2009), Tuned City, Berlin (2008), Casa Vecina, Mexico City (2008), Fear of the Known, Cape Town (2008), Netherlands Media Art Institute, Amsterdam (2003, 2007), Ybakatu Gallery, Curitiba, Brazil (2003, 2006, 2009), Singuhr Gallery, Berlin (2004), and ICC, Tokyo (2000).
Also a prolific writer, he is the author of Diary of an Imaginary Egyptian (Errant Bodies, 2012) Acoustic Territories: Sound Culture and Everyday Life (Continuum, 2010) and Background Noise: Perspectives on Sound Art (Continuum, 2006). Through his work with Errant Bodies Press he has co-edited the anthologies Site of Sound: Of Architecture and the Ear Volumes 1 & 2 (1999, 2011), Writing Aloud: The Sonics of Language (2001), Surface Tension: Problematics of Site (2003) and Radio Territories (2007), along with a series of monographs (Critical Ear series) on sound and media artists.

Luís Antero

Luís Antero é licenciado em Estudos Artísticos. Desenvolve desde 2008 um trabalho de recolha e documentação do património imaterial sonoro das zonas da Beira Serra e Serra da Estrela, com base em gravações sonoras de campo e que pode ser acompanhado através dos sites e É curador da netlabel Green Field Recordings (, dedicada exclusivamente à edição online de trabalhos sonoros com base em gravações sonoras de campo e do programa de rádio O Coleccionador de Sons (, na Rádio Zero e Rádio Universidade de Coimbra, de 2009 a 2013.É artista convidado e responsável pelas gravações do projecto Sons do Arco Ribeirinho Sul, na cidade do Barreiro e director artístico do recente Arquivo Sonoro do Centro Histórico de Coimbra.

Margarida Mestre

Margarida Mestre, studied Pedagogy, Sound design, Dance in Fórum-Dança. Has a Master in Performance Art – Mouvement Theatre. Has been developing a research and practise around body and voice work either for her own artisitc proposals as for its application on the education field. Studied voice in N.Y. with Lynn Book and Shelley Hirsch; at Institute for the living voice; at C.A.I. Roy Hart, in France, among other experiences in Portugal. Has been developing a series of work with diferent communities in Portugal centered on the voice and chorus work.

Sónia Moreira

(Lisbon, 1981)
Postgraduated in Sculpture (Fine Art University of Lisbon.2011). Degree in Visual Arts (ESAD. Caldas of Rainha.2004) and has a certificate for professional education. Technical responsible for the valence of art for children and youth with disabilities and special needs in APEXA- Association for the Support of Exceptional Persons (2011-2013). In the same institution, was responsible for the Cinema and Visual Arts workshops inside of the Community Program Escolhas 5th Generation (2013). Fine Arts internship in the Community Program Leonardo da Vinci in Werkstatthaus, Stuttgart (2006). Guest Lecturer in the International project Circus Theatre in Brno, Czech Republic. An exchange project with young people from Poland (Lodz), Czech Republic (Brno) and Germany (Stuttgart). Resident artist in the program, Experimentation on Arts / Science / Technology, a partnership between the Ciência Viva and the Ministry of Culture (2007/2008). Researcher of the work of arts of the artist Jorge Varandas for the Educational Service of Fine Arts Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (2009) and also researcher for the works of the painter Rogério Ribeiro (2007-2010) Casa da Cerca – Center for Contemporary Art, in Almada, both in Portugal. Assistant for the exhibition Anteciparte (2006) and monitors in the Berardo Collection Museum – Museum of Contemporary Art in Belém, Lisbon (2010). Creation and realization of artistic activities for the Educational Farm in Pisão , Sintra, for Casa da Cerca – Contemporary Art Center of Almada and Chapitô. Costume and set designer of puppet theater company Valdevinos (2006 -2012).
Co-founder of the creative craft and recycling project ‘andmade. Trainer and monitors in the areas of arts education, programming, managing educational.). Of solo exhibitions stands, In- Tensions, photography and sculpture exhibition, in Werkstatthaus(2006) and in the gallery Round the Corner (2009) in Lisbon. Public sculpture ” PI “, in Moledo Lourinhã(2012) Works has a visual artist since 2003.

Simão Costa

Simão Costa was born in Lisbon 1979.
Musician, pianist and composer using digital tools, has developed an interdisciplinary way of working with crossover projects involving dance, video, photography, architecture and music. With 18 years old he was awarded the highest grade for the piano final exam, 20/20 by the Lisbon Conservatorium of Music. After completion of his BA by the Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa, in 2001, he moved to Rotterdam.Concomitant with his solid classic background, he started to work on his own creative works as a sonic artist and composer. Soon he looked forward to an interdisciplinary way of working with crossover projects involving music with dance, video, photography and architecture; using computer and digital tools and also undertakes an intense pedagogic activity.For is performances and other creative works he designs and programs his own software using the Max/Msp/Jitter. He has been awarded with the 3º prize for the Children´s Art Center of Poznan and more recently 1st prize on IMEB’s Concours Internationaux de Musique et d’Art Sonore Electroacoustiques de Bourges in the Electoacoustic music for dance or theatre cathegory.Simão Costa works and lives in Lisbon as an independent composer and performer.

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Designer, músico, compositor, artista visual, Sílvio Rosado foi membro fundador das bandas Flood, Primitive Reason, Luna Sea Sane, Nicorette. Desenvolve vários trabalhos de sonoplastia e composição com o Artista Plástico João Paulo Serafim, trabalhos na área de Sound Design e, entre outros, criação de bandas sonoras para exercícios de avaliação e espectáculos da Escola Profissional de Artes e Ofícios do Espectáculo do Chapitô. Compôs a banda sonora de uma peça original para a Companhia do Chapitô – O Homem que perde a sombra -, onde trabalhou em parceria com o maestro e compositor Paulo Brandão. Membro fundador do “Bordell”, projecto visual e musical. Onde se desenvolve uma busca de memórias da Cultura Portuguesa do século XX e se remitira e apresenta-as ao vivo em sessões performativas vídeo e música.


Realizador, videasta, mentor e coordenador do site “A música portuguesa a gostar dela própria” e vencedor do prémio Megafone,Tiago Pereira tem desenvolvido um estilo único a documentar, recolher e misturar imagens em movimento. Os seus filmes transdisciplinares remetem para manifestações de cultura imaterial como a música, rituais e performances, procurando sempre novos usos da tecnologia e novas abordagens à cultura popular e ao tradicional. Na sua já vasta lista de trabalhos destacam-se os premiados11 Burros Caem no Estômago Vazio (2006) e Quem Canta Seus Males Espantam (1998), ou os mais recentes Sinfonia Imaterial (2011), Portugal Shake (2011) e Vamos tocar todos juntos para ouvirmos melhor (2012) encomenda da Fundação Cidade de Guimarães.


Senhor Comendador e sua Sobrinha are João Matos and Tânia Afonso, and have been, over the years, creating over the years cheerful DJ sets that go from cumbia to hip-hop, symphonic rock to afrobeat, rocksteady to bebop. They also work in cinema and performative arts.

ECHOES#3 – 19-22 SEPTEMBER 2013

Alberto Lopes

Nasceu em 67. Autodidacta. Tem o Curso de Construção de Instrumentos Tradicionais Portugueses ministrado por Fernando Meireles (95/96).
Compositor de bandas sonoras para teatro, dança, performance, cinema e vídeo.
Construtor de instrumentos alternativos.Explorador de sistemas interactivos entre dança, vídeo e música.
Autor, Coordenador, director artístico do Co-Lab, ciclo de música experimental/improvisada de 1999 a 2003.
Como técnico de som trabalhou no Teatro Nacional S. João de 97 a 99, foi coordenador do departamento de som do Teatro Aveirense de Outubro de 2003 a Janeiro de 2005, Coordenador técnico do Teatro Municipal da Guarda de Fevereiro de 2005 a Julho de 2007, Técnico de A Moagem Cidade do Engenho e das Artes no Fundão de Novembro de 2007 a Dezembro de 2009. Desde 2009 é técnico freelancer. Toca regularmente com TwinTar, Ungala Coi, Srosh Ensemble, N.O.F.P., Cabelo, Zie Restolhos entre outros.

André Gonçalves

Works across the fields of visual arts, music, video, installation and performance. Recent projects have included installations such as ‘Of how we have to leave doubts, expectations and the unachieved’ (2008), ‘Trigger Happy’ (2009) and ‘The Bird Watcher’ (2010). These and other works have been presented in several galleries and festivals such as Nam June Paik Art Center, Seoul; FILE, Sao Paulo; Experimental Intermedia Foundation, Diapason, New York; Lab Syntese, Montreal; Collision Collective, Boston; Untitled Artspace, Oklahoma City; Arnol ni, Ooad Festival, Bristol; Steim, Amsterdam; Atlantic Waves, London; Pixelache Festival, Helsinqui; ICA, London; Gallery 0047, Oslo; Ura! Gallery,
Istanbul; Centro Zittelli, Venice; La Casa Encendida, Media Lab and Sonikas Festival, Madrid; L’Antic Teatre, Barcelona; IFI, Pontevedra; Museu Vostell Malpartida, Maquinarte Festival, Caceres; Fundac~ao Calouste Gulbenkian, CCB, Galeria Lisboa 20, Festival Temps D’Images, Luzboa, EME, Lisbon; Pushing the Medium, Nodar.
His discography, among others, includes releases on the labels Grain of Sound, Cronica Electronica and Sirr (PT), Winds Measure (US), Transacoustic Research (AT), Cherry Music (JP). His music work, solo or in collective projects, include more than 15 editions in several recording labels under the names: Ok.suitcase, In Her Space, Stapletape, Iodo, ltthwhasp, Sound Asleep, Safe and Sound, Variable Geometry Orchestra… Recently he has been working on his solo project Feltro and in the collectives Safe and Sound, and Gigantiq.

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Catarina Botelho

Artistas plástica a trabalhar em fotografia e vídeo. Licenciou-se pintura na Faculdade de Belas Artes de Lisboa e estou fotografia no ArCo e no âmbito do Programa Criatividade e Criação Artística da Fundação Gulbenkian.
Desde 2005 apresenta regularmente o seu trabalho destacando-se seguintes momentos: Em 2007 ganha o prémio Bes Revelação, expondo na Fundação de Serralves, no Porto e nesse mesmo ano apresenta a sua primeira individual na Galeria Módulo em Lisboa. Em 2009 realiza a exposição Dias Úteis na Rua Anchieta 31, Lisboa. Em 2010 é selecionada para a Plat(T)form 10 no Winterthur Museum. É nomeada para o prémio Edp Novos Artístas em 2011 e em 2012 para o European Photo Exhibitiom Award com exposição na Haus der Photographie em Hamburgo. Também em 2012 vence a convocatória aberta da Galeria espanhola Elba Benitez, realizando uma exposição individual na FotoEspaña . Em 2013 realiza uma residência artística na FAAP em São Paulo.

Gustavo Costa

Nasceu no Porto em 1976.
Possui o curso técnico-profissional de percussão (EPME), licenciatura em Produção e Tecnologias da Música (ESMAE), pós graduação em Sonologia (Instituto de Sonologia, Haia), mestrado em Composição e Teoria Musical (ESMAE) e encontra-se neste momento a frequentar o programa doutoral em Media Digitais na FEUP, Porto. Tocou e colaborou com Três Tristes Tigres, Alfred Harth, Damo Suzuki, John Zorn´s Cobra, Fritz Hauser, Jamie Saft entre muitos outros. Desenvolve trabalho na área da composição electroacústica, improvisação livre e contracultura underground, tendo-se apresentado em 19 países europeus, Estados Unidos e Líbano. Foi professor no curso de Composição da Esmae, no Porto, e no curso de Música Electrónica e Produção Musical na Esart, em Castelo Branco.

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Helena Inverno

Helena Inverno distingue-se artisticamente através do vídeo. Premiada nacionalmente e internacionalmente em música, desenho, vídeo e cinema. Helena é licenciada em Belas Artes – Filme & Vídeo pelo Central Saint Martin’s College of Arts & Design (1996) e pós graduada em Cinema pela Universidade Nova de Lisboa (2012). Sua rota de trabalho passa em Zurique, Londres, Lisboa, Tóquio e Marraquexe.

Henrique Fernandes

Iniciou os seus estudos musicais no ano de 1992 na Escola Profissional e Artística do Vale do Ave, na classe de contrabaixo do Prof. Alexander Samardjiev, tendo concluído em 2005 o curso superior de música, na especialidade de Contrabaixo na Escola Superior de Música e Artes do espectáculo do Porto, na classe do Prof. Florian Petzborn.
Paralelamente ao universo da música erudita, integra diversos projectos da música experimental, tais como: Mécanosphère, Lost Gorbachevs, Two white monsters around a round table, Sektor 304, Stealing Orquestra,estilhaços, radial chao opera, Srosh ensemble, Space ensemble, entre outros. Tocou com Damo Suzuki, Steve Mackay, John Zorn Cobra (dirigido por John Zorn), Três Tristes Tigres, Mark Stewart, Alfred Harth, Fritz Hauser, Adolfo Luxúria Canibal, entre muitos outros. Tem tocado regularmente em toda a Europa .
Nos últimos anos tem desenvolvido algum trabalho na construção de instrumentos musicais e objectos sonoros que utiliza em diversos projectos musicais ou workshops na área da criatividade musical.

Jeff Cain

Artist, designer, curator whose studio, the Shed Research Institute, is based in Los Angeles.  His work is based in research oriented critical design that focuses on the individual experience of the history, technology, and politics of place. His work as been featured in the Getty Museum’s California Video exhibition, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Havana Biannual and and the Center for Contemporary Art in Kyiv, Ukraine and many other site specific venues. His community radio project, RHZ Radio was a finalist for the 2005 Prix Ars Electronica in Digital Communities. He has a BA from Whittier College, and a MFA from the California Institute of the Arts. He is currently faculty in the USC Roski School of Fine Arts and has taught at at California Institute of the Arts, and Southern California Institute of Architecture.

Maile Colbert

Maile Colbert is an intermedia artist, educator, and researcher with a concentration on sound and video, relocated from Los Angeles and living in Lisbon, Portugal.  She teaches at Faculdade de Belas Artes, Universidade Porto and Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema Lisboa, and is a member of  i2ADS Instituto de Investigação em Arte, Design e Sociedade da Faculdade de Belas Artes (  She spent the last four years collaborating with the organization Binaural/Nodar (, and is an ongoing contributor of articles on soundscape ecology and sound studies at “Sounding Out”, the award winning sound journal ( She holds a BFA in Studio for Interrelated Media from Mass Art, and a MFA in Integrated Media/Film and Video from the Calarts, and has performed and screened widely in Japan, Europe, Australia, and the Americas.

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Rui Costa

Is a sound artist from Lisbon, Portugal. He is a founding member and artistic director of Binaural/Nodar, an arts organization founded in 2004 and dedicated to the promotion of context-specific and participatory art projects in rural communities of the Gralheira mountain range, northern Portugal. Rui has been performing and exhibiting his work since 1998 in festivals, galleries and museums across Portugal, Spain, Italy and the United States and has been collaborating regularly with the Italian vocal performer Manuela Barile and the American intermedia artist Maile Colbert. Rui Costa is also a regular speaker in conferences and gives workshops dedicated to sound art.

Sandy Gageiro

Broadcasting experience began with pirate stations, school and university radios. Worked at Radio Paris-Lisboa, Radio Expo and TSFOnline.
Texts published in Icon, Pública, Combate, Quadrado and Vírus magazines. Editor/writer of Zundap – Veículo Cultural Ilustrado and part of the Pepino team (Independent magazine and blog for children).
Journalist in the culture section at Antena 1 and responsible for Lilliput (a radio programme about books for young people ) at Antena 2. Monocle 24 contributor (Monocle Magazine’s Radio Online) and a reporter for RTP 2 TV programme Câmara Clara during 3 years. Organizes radio workshops for children. Amateur DJ.

ECHOES#2 – 19-22 SEPTEMBER 2013

Diogo Alvim

Lisbon, 1979. Studied architecture and composition in Lisbon. Currently doing a PhD in Composition/ Sonic Arts at SARC, (Sonic Arts Research Center), Queen’s University Belfast, with funding from FCT, Portugal. His research focuses on the crossings between music and architecture.
He has presented his work in several events, of which: in 2008, the Festival Música Portuguesa Hoje, at CCB, Lisbon, Festival Synthèse 2009, in Bourges; Prémio Jovens Músicos 2009 (commissioned by Antena 2/ RTP), Festival Musica Viva 2010 (Miso Music); ICMC2012 (Ljubljana) and ISMIR2012, Porto.
He often collaborates with other artists/performers and writes music for dance and theatre.

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Eduardo Patricio

São Luís, 1980. Is a Brazilian composer-performer. He has a BA in Music Production and a MPhil in Music Theory and Composition, both awarded by Federal University of Paraná, Brazil. He is currently undertaking research at SARC (Belfast) in electroacoustic composition (being funded by the brazilian governmental agency CAPES), focusing on semi-improvised, electronically mediated live performances.
Eduardo has presented his works in several events, such as FILE Festival (Sao Paulo, 2011), ICMC conference (Ljubljana, 2012), NIME conference (Daejeon/Seoul, 2013) and ICMC conference (Perth, 2013).

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J. Luis Bento Coelho

1967, Lisboa, Portugal
Licenciado em Engenharia Electrotécnica pelo Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade Técnica de Lisboa, MSc. e Doutorado em Acústica pelo Institute of Sound and Vibration Research, Universidade de Southampton, Reino Unido, e Fellow do International Institute of Acoustics and Vibration. É Professor de Acústica no IST, Presidente do CAPS_IST. Coordenador do seu Grupo de Acústica e Controlo de Ruído. Vice- Presidente do International Institute of Acoustics and Vibration, Membro do European Expert Panel on Noise (Agência Europeia do Ambiente), do EU-CNOSSOS Technical Committee e do Painel Técnico do European Green Capital City Award (Comissão Europeia). É Leader do Working Group 4, Creating and Designing, do COST Action TD0804 Soundscape of European Cities and Landscapes. Desenvolve a sua actividade de investigação científica e tecnológica em acústica ambiental, com incidência em meios urbanos. Elaborou mapas de ruído de diversas cidades (Portugal e Brasil).

Jennie Savage

Jennie Savage is an artist who seeks to transform peoples perception of place through the creation of mediated experiences. Working Site specifically she uses narrative to explore the place between public spaces, town planning, architectural environments, constructed landscapes and the human story: the lived lives and personal narratives connected to those sites. Working through a process that uses archiving and intervention she seeks to map the other life of a place or community in order to reveal a complex situation, a micro- structure or simply an unheard voice.
She works primarily with sound and has made numerous broadcast events including STARRADIO a site specific radio project that broadcast over 116 hours of live and specifically recorded programmes.
Publications include:’Nutopia: A Critical View of Future cities’ (2012), ‘Depending on Time’ (2009) and ‘STAR: A psychotopography of place’ 2006. She has shown widely across the UK and internationally in Mexico, Australia, Morrocco and Canada and has been awarded funding for projects from European Objective 2, Wales Arts International, Arts Council, British council, and Heritage Lottery.

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João Bento

Was born in 1980 in Fundão-Portugal, lives in Lisbon.
Since 2004 compose and perform sound for performances, experimental films, theater pieces and video live acts.The work articulates analogical instruments and amplified sound objects, used in multimedia/multidisciplinary artistic context. Graduated in Visual Arts at ESAD, Caldas da Rainha /Portugal.Trained improvised music with the musician Greeg Moore and Theremin with Pamela Kurstin. Between 2004 and 2006 coordinated the Project VS (international experimental video platform ). Co-creator, sound composer and performer in”Canal Zero” (04-11),“Le Coq is Dead”(05) with Luiz Antunes, , “Future Perfect”(11) with Kerem Gelebek,”Untitled Natura” / “Don‘t Ask, Don‘t Tell” with Ben J.Riepe Company(11-12),sound researche for “As If” with Thiago Granato in Pact Zollverein and “Secalharidade”(12) with João Fiadeiro. Member of Interferencias colective criated in Iternacional encounter about performance practicies- México 2010 were has been developing a research that questions the relationships between body and sound . Associated artist in permanent researche at the transdisciplinary center O Espaço do Tempo. Recently working as performer, composer, and musician for Ben J. Riepe Company- Düsseldorf/Germany.
His work has been presented in Portugal, Spain, France, Mexico, Germany and India.

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Luís Cláudio Ribeiro

Luís Cláudio Ribeiro is a professor at Lusófona University, in Lisbon. PhD in Communication Sciences, develops research activity in the field of media epistemology and sound studies. His recent publications focus on the medium, identification and characterization of changes by the use of sound mediators in contemporary society: O Mundo é uma Paisagem Devastada pela Harmonia (Lisboa: Vega, 2011) e O Som Moderno – Novas formas de criação e escuta (Lisboa: Edições Lusófonas, 2011).). He is the main investigator of the project Lisbon SoundMap, supported by the Portuguese Government (FCT): and lisbonsoundmap. In addition to the academic activity, he is also a poet and novelist. His most recent novel is Sucede no entanto que o Outono veio (Lisboa: Vega, 2013).

Manon de Boer

1966, Kodaicanal, India. Completed her artistic education at the Akademie Van Beeldende Kunsten, Rotterdam, and at the Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten in Amsterdam. Using personal narration and musical interpretation as both method and subject, de Boer explores the relationship between language, time, and truth claims to produce a series of portrait films in which the film medium itself is continuously interrogated. Her work has been exhibited internationally, at the Venice Biennial (2007), Berlin Biennial (2008), Sao Paolo Biennial (2010), Documenta (2012) and has also been included in numerous film festivals in Hong Kong, Marseille, Rotterdam and Vienna. Her work has been the subject of monographic exhibitions at Witte de With in Rotterdam (2008), Frankfurter Kunstverein (2008), London South Gallery (2010), Index in Stockholm (2011), Contemporary Art Museum of St Louis (2011) and Museum of Art Philadelphia (2012), among others. De Boer currently teaches at the School of Arts in Ghent and ERG in Brussels. She lives and works in Brussels.

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Rui Chaves

Santiago do Cacém, 1983. Is a sound artist and performer. Rui did his undergrad studies in Som e Imagem at the Escola Superior de Artes e Design Caldas da Rainha, and had a formative experience in a dance organization called c-e-m:centro em movimento. He received a scholarship from Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian to undertake a Master in Sonic Arts. Recently, he finished a PhD at the SARC (Queen’s University Belfast) with funding from Fundação Ciência e Tecnologia.
His research develops the intersection of sound and performance theory, through notions of embodiment, everyday life and identity; having developed work in transmission art, field recording and site-specific performance.
He has presented his work in several institutions and events throughout the United Kingdom, Brazil, France, Canada and Germany. He recently presented work at ICMC 2012), NAISA, the MAC (Metropolitan Arts Centre) and was featured at the Sounds of Europe platform.

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Sandy Gageiro

Broadcasting experience began with pirate stations, school and university radios. Worked at Radio Paris-Lisboa, Radio Expo and TSFOnline.
Texts published in Icon, Pública, Combate, Quadrado and Vírus magazines. Editor/writer of Zundap – Veículo Cultural Ilustrado and part of the Pepino team (Independent magazine and blog for children).
Journalist in the culture section at Antena 1 and responsible for Lilliput (a radio programme about books for young people ) at Antena 2. Monocle 24 contributor (Monocle Magazine’s Radio Online) and a reporter for RTP 2 TV programme Câmara Clara during 3 years. Organizes radio workshops for children. Amateur DJ.

ECHOES#1 – 12-14 JULY 2013

Bertrand Gauguet

Began to play the trumpet at the age of ten, switching to saxophone eight years later. From the mid 1980s to mid 1990s he was involved in experimental rock, also teaching himself composition with digital technology and experimenting with jazz and traditional music before fully devoting himself to improvisation and sound art in 1999.
He has collaborated with artists from diverse media, including dance and the visual arts, and has performed with, amongst others, Martine ALTENBURGER, Pascal BATTUS, Frédéric BLONDY, Fabrice CHARLES, Michel DONEDA, Barre PHILLIPS, LE QUAN Ninh and Dan WARBURTON, as well as dancers Anna PIETSCH and Valerie METIVIER, the dancer/performer John FROGER. He has also composed works and sound environments for arts, dance and theatre.

Carlos Alberto Augusto

Portuguese composer, musician, sound designer and acoustic communication specialist. Involved in music-theater and music for theater. Also writes music and designs sonic settings for interactive communication and video. Worked in noise control and research. Studied communication.

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Carlos Santos

1967, Lisboa, Portugal.
Artista sonoro e músico electrónico, desenvolve o seu trabalho em torno do espaço sonoro, seja em concerto, instalação site-specific ou em peças sonoras fixas multicanal de cariz acusmático. Tem mantido uma presença constante nos ambitos da improvisação electroacústica e da “nova electrónica”, em festivais nacionais e no estrangeiro com uma extensa lista de colaborações registadas em CD. Actividade rádiofonica e pedagogia do som, são outras duas vertentes do seu trabalho para além do seu trabalho como designer gráfico.

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Ernesto Rodrigues

He has been playing the violin for 30 years and in that time has played all genres of music ranging from contemporary music to free jazz and improvised music, live and in the studio. 
His main interest shifted towards contemporary improvised and composed music.
The relationship with his instruments is focused in sonic and textural elements.
Electronic music was an early influence on his approach to violin playing, which challenges traditional romantic concepts of the violin/viola through use of preparations and micro tuning. 
Active in different settings on the Portuguese scene for free improvised music, both as a collaborator and in leading his own groups.
Music for Dance, Cinema, Video and Performance.
Has created the record label Creative Sources Recordings in 1999, which mainly concentrates on releasing experimental and electro-acoustic music.

Mohammed Boubezari

Algerian-Portuguese architect, PhD in architecture, architectural and urban atmospheres option, laboratory Cresson France. Currently lives and works in Portugal at Parque EXPO on the Development Plan and Urban Algiers. He is also a researcher at CAPS-IST since 2002 and soundscapes consultant. He has worked on several studies including mediated sociability in the early internet practices. He worked on the acoustic comfort in inhabited areas whose thesis is published. He devoted several years to develop a predictive method for representing the soundscape.
Currently assigned to accompany the latter stages of the study of the Master Plan of Urban Planning and Development at the Department of Planning of the Wilaya of Algiers.

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Raquel Castro

Raquel Castro was born in Viseu, in 1976. In 2003, she directed and produced, in collaboration with Tiago Pereira, a series of documentaries about the oral memory of Portuguese communities. For this project, she lived in several regions of the country, collecting voices, images, sounds and children’s drawings. Her master thesis for the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences (Universidade Nova de Lisboa) is on Acoustic Ecology. She directed the documentary SOUNDWALKERS which was presented in Subtropics Festival in Miami and screened at various conferences on sound art and documentary film festivals. She also directed the documentaries O BAIRRO and LEVE LEVE NON CABA UÉ, winner of the festival Ovarvídeo 2007. She is currently teacher of Film Direction at the University Lusíada of Lisboa and is now developing an investigation for her PhD in Communication Sciences on Ecology of Sound about the Lisbon Soundscape.

Ricardo Guerreiro

Ricardo Guerreiro (Lisbon, 1975) works in the development of interactive computing processes for music performance and composition. His work implies the articulation of the musical composition and improvisation paradigms, through interactive programming, mainly in collaborative electroacoustic music performance. As a Ph.D. student at the School of Arts of UCP he is a researcher in Music Informatics at the CITAR. His thesis, under the supervision of Professor António de Sousa Dias and Professor Álvaro Barbosa, is titled Computer mediated networks in electroacoustic music performance and composition.
He graduated in Music Composition at the Lisbon College of Music (2000) and, in 2004, obtained his diploma in Electronic Music at the Music Conservatory of Venice, Italy. He has participated in several courses and seminars on music composition in Lisbon, Porto, Aveiro, Paris (IRCAM – ’99), Darmstadt (Summer Courses – ’98 and 2000) and Venice. With a scholarship from the Italian Government and oriented by Professor Alvise Vidolin, he developed a research project on the computer music of Luigi Nono’s Prometeo, both at the Center of Computational Sonology (CSC) of Padua, and the Luigi Nono Archive. He participated in the semester seminars of Aesthetics and Iconology with Professor Giorgio Agamben at the Universities of Verona and Venice, respectively. He concluded, in 2007, the graduation in Musicology at the New University of Lisbon.
Ricardo Guerreiro teaches at Ar.Co.

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Paulo Raposo

Tem desenvolvido desde há duas décadas uma actividade constante como artista sonoro, programador e editor, articulando a disciplina do som com àreas intermedia, sublinhando a investigação e práticas espaciais, bem como o uso, concepção e desenvolvimento de tecnologias em tempo real.
O seu trabalho foca abordagens estéticas site-specific e electroacústicas, tendo trabalhado e criado instalações, performances e composições relacionadas com espaços acústicos e arquitectónicos que incentivam novos modos de escuta.
Co-director do Radialx – Festival Internacional de Arte Rádio – tem trabalhado em diversas produções rádio, realizando e produzindo programas transmitidos na (UK) WDR3 (D), KunstRadio(AU), Antena 2, RadioZero (PT), e para a rede internacional
A sua obra tem sido apresentada em vários festivais e eventos em França, Estados Unidos, Alemanha, Inglaterra,Holanda, Itália, Espanha, Países Bálticos e Médio Oriente. Em Portugal, particularmente,a sua obra foi exibida e mostrada na Fundação de Serralves, Casa da Música, Centro de Arte Moderna, CCB, Teatro Maria Matos, entre muitos outros.
Recentemente, Foi produtor executivo do projecto EVA – Exclusão como valor acrescentado – parceria entre CPAI e o Programa Escolhas e ainda co-comissário de 100 Cage no aniversário do Teatro Maria Matos dedicado integralmente a John Cage.


The TRA$H CONVERTERS team (M.Sá and FAD!GAZ) shows the playful side of the record label VARIZ positing an unusual Electro-Space-Disco-Noise-Techno-Pop-Acid-House DJ set.
They appear regularly in Lisbon and Porto and have been seen in some international festivals (Número Interfaces 2008 @ Hospital Júlio de Matos – Lisbon, VilaTone MMVIII @ Nikki Beach – Vilamoura, OFFF Lisbon ’08 @ LX Factory, Sonic Scope ’07 @ Bomba Suicida, +Olhares Pocket Fest 2007 @ Chapitô, Número-Projecta’06 @ Cinema S. Jorge, EXPerimenta Club’06 @ La Casa Encendida – Madrid, Clubbing @ Casa da Música – Porto, Toxic @ Fundição de Oeiras, SuperStereo Demonstration 2005 @ Castelo de Linhares da Beira, Hertzoscópio 2004 @ Fundição de Oeiras, 24h Non-Stop @ Fundação de Serralves, Cosmopolis 2004 @ Castelo S. Jorge, Blue Spot 2003 @ Teatro Sá da Bandeira – Porto, Experimenta Design 2003 @ Cinema S. Jorge, Belfast Festival at Queens 2003 @ Menagerie, Mór festival 2003 @ Foot Fetish – Dublin, Boom festival 2002 @ Idanha-à-Nova) and at ZDB, Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade do Porto, Lux-Frágil, Museu do Chiado, Culturgest, Oui – Madrid, Kubik, Cabaret Maxime, MusicBox, Europa, Fábrica Braço de Prata, Triplex, Passos Manuel, Left, Lounge, Incognito, Abadia, Via Club, Olaria, O Século, A Capela, Aniki-Bóbó and more…
They already performed alongside: Andy Vaz, Kaneng Lolang, Pete Herbert, Portable aka BodyCode, Safety Scissors, Lump, Tujiko Noriko, Sami Koivikko, Bruno Pronsato, Donnacha Costello, Optimo, Trevor Jackson, Krikor, Nova Huta, Neoangin, Jerry the Cat, Andy Vaz, Above Smoke, discopunk, Sigue Sigue Sputnik, Princess Superstar + Alexander Technique, Boy From Brazil, Schlammpeitziger, Matéo Murphy, Sunpaja, Olympic Lifts, Zentex, I.B., Photonz, Loosers, Lolly and Brains, X-Wife, Ballet Mecânico, Orson & Welles, Nuno Bernardino, Plagia, [des]integração, among others…
“The TRA$H Converters duo, Miguel Sá and Fernando Fadigas, has fun recycling Pop Trash by means of saturated electronics and everyone rocks to it.” – Vitor Belanciano in Y, Público.
Fernando Fadigas and Miguel Sá are two multidisciplinary artists with interventions and creations in the context of contemporary art – music, video, theatre and performance – made with different teams and in several places: Galeria Zé dos Bois, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Museu do Chiado, Experimenta Design, Festival Número-Projecta, Festival Offf, CCB, Culturgest, +Olhares Pocket Fest 2007, FinnFest, Festival em_Trânsito [Lisboa], Fundação de Serralves, Casa da Música, Bienal da Maia, Faculdade de Belas Artes [Porto], Toxic, Festival Hertzoscópio 2004 [Oeiras], BRG [Braga], Demo AV (Arcos de Valdevez), Out.Fest (Barreiro), Veneer/folheado (Belfast/Lisboa), La Casa Encendida (Madrid), Pankowprojekt (Berlim), Plano XXI (Glasgow), Mor Festival (Dublin), Festival IFI (Pontevedra), Le Jardin Modern (Rennes), among many others.
In 2001 they founded the record label, producer and promoter Variz [], which released six records and organised concerts by many international artists in Portugal, including: Neoangin, Portable, Bruno Pronsato, Lump, Sutekh, Cylob, Frank Bretschneider, Nova Huta, Fennesz, Akufen, Pete Herbert, The Activator, Jakob Kirkegaard, Kim Cascone, Cluster, Oriol Rossell, Ikue Mori, Curd Duca, discopunk, Andy Vaz, Above Smoke, Andrew Poppy, Jerry the Cat. Co-produced the multidisciplinary project SuperStereo Demonstration, which occurred in 2002 at ZDB Gallery and in 2005 at Linhares of Beira medieval castle. Also curated the music program of two editions of the Número-Projecta festival and recently the first edition of VilaTone – Vilamoura Mixed Media and Music Festival MMVIII.
As Producers, they published in 2001 the album “7/10” by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and appeared in the compilations “Night Mode” (DVD inserted in the catalogue Em_Trânsito, Goethe-Institut Lissabon, 2005), “Portugal: A New Sound Portrait” (CD, N_records, 2005), “Sonic Scope” (CD, Grain of Sound, 2004), “Metrómetro” (CD, Variz, 2003), “Air Portugal” (CD, 00351, 2001).

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