Invitations to artists for creative residencies (of longer duration or frequency) focused on the development of proposals that actively explore the territory where the OSSO is based.
The invited residents have in their artistic practices, revealed interest in inquiring the specific contexts of public presentation in their physical, social, political, environmental and cultural dimensions. The diversity and disciplinary complementarity of guests, perspective models of presentation and dialogue with the public, which are contrasting and therefore stimulating in the awakening of new visions of the village, its community, and the surrounding rural landscape.

In 2021, the practice around photography (Rui Pinheiro), sculpture and drawing (Sara Bichão), architecture and sculpture (Tiago Fróis), with a strong recollective vocation, are some of the identified interests that will surely allow a recognition and identification by the local public.

With this program, we intend to provide the local community a face-to-face contact in public space with unique artistic projects that reflect the contact of these artists with the village of São Gregório and its surrounding territory. This project will be continued through the development and distribution of a printed document.

Centro de Apoio Social da Freguesia de São Gregório;
Junta de Freguesia Nossa Senhora do Pópulo, Coto e São Gregório;
São Gregório Ginásio Clube.