West Coast Collective (Francisco Pinheiro,Laura Marques e Paulo Morais)

Guarda-Rios is a project of artistic research-creation that starts in riverside territories, proposing a constant reflection on human relations with the natural environment on different dimensions (aesthetic, cultural, social, environmental).
A project that takes place in different places, having already passed through the Tagus and Douro rivers, and that now takes shape in residence in OSSO space, exploring and listening to the surrounding territory.

“Chamar os pássaros: performance and sound listening walk”.
Artist Residency of West Coast Collective
Following the residency of West Coast collective, OSSO and São Gregório Ginásio Clube came together to present a performance and a walk. The focus of this activity was the soundscape of the village of São Gregório, and ended with a convivial lunch at the village club.

This walk started with the sound performance “Chilrear de Mesa”, from which they introduced questions related to listening and seeing, and how these can function as tools for relating to our surroundings. During this walk different active listening exercises were proposed, identifying nature sounds and creating parallels with the surrounding urban sounds.

Duration: 2h
Public: jovens, adultos e famílias.
Observation: levar roupa e calçado prático, chapéu e cantil.
Facilitators: Francisco Pinheiro e Laura Marques

Organization: OSSO and São Gregório Ginásio Clube
Support: Centro de Apoio Social da Freguesia de São Gregório
Local: Aldeia de São Gregório; Estúdios Osso
Date: Residencie: 03.02.2020 to 13.02.2020, Passeio: 08.02.2020