Arta Raituma
Arta Raituma (1996) is an interdisciplinary artist from Latvia. In her practice she is focusing on the exploration of the sublime in nature and liminal states as well as creative placemaking through engaging with communities and investigating relationships between natural and urban environments. The core medium of Raituma’s daily practice is wood burning often combined with painting and use of organic materials serving as complementary parts of the overall installation. Additionally, documentary photography and performance are applied to create a concurrent narrative.

Raituma’s residence at OSSO takes part of the event ‘Na Rua’. During her stay she aims to link two geographies: the village of São Gregório in Portugal and Tārgale in Latvia where she accomplished a residency in June 2021. The southern and northern rural landscapes are being juxtaposed through the lens of the artist as an incomer. The programme of the project includes environmental research, workshops, performance and development of the final works.

Local: Aldeia de São Gregório; Estúdios Osso
Date: Residencie: 07.09.21 to 25.09.21