Erehwon is an on-going research and development project that aims to build a prototype on-line collaborative platform as a tool for connecting people involved in socio-political interventions in the public space. Initially conceived by Dr Beatriz Cantinho (Aesthetics/Performance Studies) and Dr Mariza Dima (Human-Computer Interaction/User Experience Design) as a tool for mapping socio-political performative projects in Europe and beyond, it became an investigation on the design of cartography-based online tools that provide efficient and usable ways to share and exchange methods, values and practices, beyond spatial territories and physical borders. The design of the platform is informed by workshops taking place across Europe. The platform is work-in-progress and open source with the code available on GitHub

Video by T-bear productions

The first workshops took place in Belgrade, as part of the European Alternatives bi-annual Festival, and was followed by workshops in London and Lisbon between October 2015 and May 2016 with the financial support of the Queen Mary University HSS Collaboration Fund and the contribution of Osso Cultural Association and We are currently organising future workshops which we advertise here