Chamar os pássaros

West Coast Collective – sound instrument workshop, with the students of Escola Básica do 1º Ciclo do Coto.

Sound instrument building workshop, inspired by bird whistles and pre-Columbian water ceramics. From pieces gleaned in industries and organic materials, such as seeds or shelves. The artists; Francisco Pinheiro and Paulo Morais have been building instruments whose sounds replicate the sound of birds. Using water and honey as sound modulators, in this workshop we will understand the physics of sound through practical experimentation with different materials.

Instructors: Francisco Pinheiro e Paulo Morais
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Support: Centro de Apoio Social da Freguesia de São Gregório, Junta da Freguesia do Pópulo, Coto e São Gregório, Direção Geral das artes.
Location: Escola Básica de São Gregório
Dates: 28-29 May, 2019