SONS EM MOVIMENTO – Pensar, ver e escutar os filmes

Workshop of Cláudia Alves with children from ages 6 to 10 and families. Integrated workshop in the DIA ABERTO #6 schedule.

pensar, ver e escutar os filmes

What sensations do the sounds of a film create in each viewer? Are the sounds we hear in a film visible or invisible?

In this workshop, we will discover how they allow us to see what the images do not always show us. Exploring the world of sounds and moving images, we will be surprised by the gestures, rhythm, and timbre of each character and object, respecting their silences.

What will we do in these two hours? Watch short films, experiment with playing with the sounds that objects produce, record various sounds, and finally, mix and listen to the captured sounds, overlaying images from the films.

Short film soundtracked by the children who participated in the workshop

Local: OSSO, Aldeia de São Gregório
Date: July 23rd 2022