Workshop of Oriana Alves (BOCA) with Sandy Gageiro (Poesia.FM), for children from ages 6 to 10. Integrated workshop in the DIA ABERTO #6 schedule.

BOCA e Poesia.FM

Poesia.fm aims to disseminate Portuguese-language poetry throughout the world and tune in to poetry from around the world in the Portuguese language. This new digital radio is a website for short, medium, and long audio pieces and creative works. We record readings, conversations, documentaries, performances, songs, or spoken books – each listener can listen however and wherever they prefer, whether on a run through the countryside, in a dark room, like in a cinema or theater.

And it is through listening that the Poets in Construction workshop begins. After listening to pieces of various formats published or publishable on poesia.fm, and based on the sharing and ideas that arise from it, we will guide the children in creating poetic-radio experiences, from which a new program with poetry at its heart may emerge for a radio station.

Local: OSSO, Aldeia de São Gregório
Date: July 23rd 2022