MESAS is an urban intervention that promotes the relationship with everyday sound through indispensable pieces of furniture for the domestic, the professional and the playful in our lives – the table.  Different uses and contexts determine the many variations in form; from dinning, to coffee tables, kitchen, garden, meeting, bar, side or game tables. The MESAS project, by artists Pedro Rebelo and Ricardo Jacinto was conceived for Rua Direita in Viseu and consists of a sequence of tables suspended throughout the street, which reveal experiences and memories through sound.

The materiality, context and utility of each table articulate sonorities that include the manipulation of objects on their tops or the conversations happening around them, as well their impact on the soundscapes of the places in which they are situated. The project makes audible these particular experiences through a set of sound installations associated with places such as the jewellery, the school, or the tailor’s.




This project is a part of Jardins Efémeros – 2014 | Invisible Places Sounding Cities