Open Day #02:

On the second Open Day at OSSO, we had a concert by cellist and singer Joana Guerra, who has charted a very interesting artistic path between free improvisation and composition, and a Object Theatre performance by Joao Costa. ‘A VIAGEM,’ a co-production of Mãzorra – Marionette Theater with the Marionette Museum of Lisbon, is an intimate show that took place in our courtyard, inside a van transformed into a traveling theater. Between the two performances, we snacked on some warm OSSO chestnuts and managed to alleviate the cold.

Supporters: Direcção Geral das Artes.
Location: Estúdios Osso
Date: 14.12.19




16h30 ▸ OPEN DOORS

17h ▸ JOANA GUERRA // concert

Joana Guerra, cellist and singer, has charted a very interesting artistic path between improvisation and composition. Guerra achieves an illuminated union between song and electro-acoustics, establishing in ‘Cavalos Vapor’ (her second solo album from 2016) a treatise of enchantment.

Impressionistic and experimental songs, guided by the hypnotic sounds of the cello, which reveal themselves in layers of light, over which a dreamy voice hovers. In 2018, she released her third solo record, ‘OsSo,’ under the label of the French publisher Armures Provisoires.

She is one of the most versatile performers in the Lisbon scene with a consistent presence, not only as a solo artist but also in theater (with the João Garcia Miguel Company), dance (Madalena Victorino, Clara Andermatt), or intense collaborations with some of the most relevant names in free improvisation in Portugal.


18h ▸ CASTANHAS D’OSSO // snacks

18h30 ▸ JOÃO COSTA // A VIAGEM – Teatro de Objectos.

Micro Cine Teatro Mãozorra
A mobile theater inside a 1976 Mercedes 206D van, with a maximum capacity of 9 spectators, where intimate, short-duration sessions (15-20 min.) are held, offering a close interaction with the audience.

Spectators are invited to enter the van, embarking on a visual, auditory, and sensory journey through object theater.


“A Viagem” draws inspiration from the imaginary journey of thought, whether conscious or less conscious, that leads us to travel through our intimate desires at certain moments in our daily lives.

Synopsis: In one of these moments in Raúl’s life, as he is intoxicated by drowsiness, his hand transports us to his own birth and the discovery of the world around him. Various obstacles stand in his way until the moment he shapes another similar being, and his life turns rosy. However, the unconscious mind is vulnerable and too sensitive to continue in the romanticism of some of our most intimate desires, and Raúl is brought back to his everyday reality, just like his own hand.

Artistic Credits:
Idea and Creation – João Costa / Mãozorra
Performance – João Costa (objects) / José Ramos (Lobby Boy)
External Vision – Ale Risório and Ricardo Jacinto
Set Design – João Calixto (micro auditorium and stage)
Lighting – João Sofio
Sound – Manuel Pinheiro
Creation Spaces – LAC / OSSO Colectivo / Mãozorra
Consultancy – Sérgio Alves / Francisco Falloca
Co-Production – Marionette Museum of Lisbon


Supporters: Direção-Geral das Artes