Open Day #01:

After several public activities that OSSO organized in the village of São Gregório in Caldas da Rainha, the first open day has now arrived where we invite the public to get to know our residency space up close through the presentation of some of the activities we have developed.

In this session, we will have a presentation of the work that the artist Luciana Fina has developed during a residency at the Aldeia Project, as well as two concerts. These concerts will include compositions featuring field recordings by Matilde Meireles and free improvisation by CACTO, the saxophone and cello duo of Nuno Torres and Ricardo Jacinto, joined by percussionist Nuno Morão.

To satisfy your hunger, Beterraba Com Todos (Patrícia Simões) will prepare the first version of SOPA D’OSSO (OSSO Soup), and to conclude the day, we will have DJ MAGA-SAN (Pedro Magalhães), our favorite dancer, playing music.

Supporters: Grémio Caldense; Silos Contentor Criativo; Centro de Apoio Social da Freguesia de São Gregório e Direcção Geral das Artes.
Location: Osso
Date: 02.11.19.


Fotography: Pedro Tropa


15h ▸ OPEN DOOR // visitation

We will make an informal visit to our spaces, presenting our program.

16h ▸ LUCIANA FINA // A Estrada – Ensaio para uma descrição da paisagem

Installation based on the work developed by Luciana Fina for the Aldeia Project, a residency program for which OSSO invites different artists to develop original projects with or about the local community and territory

Seguita la vita come prima
con gente in piedi, seduta,
e che cammina.

(Patrizia Cavalli, “Le mie poesie non cambieranno il mondo”)

The road runs along the village, between two valleys, on one side and the other of it, the houses shelter the visions of the inhabitants. Some time ago, on the road, a passerby was heard whistling.


18h ▸ MATILDE MEIRELES // The Green Drones

Living in Belfast (Northern Ireland), sound artist Matilde Meireles brings us a concert where the city of Belfast is revisited through a dialogue between field recordings and the ‘drones’ of telecommunication boxes. ‘The Green Drones’ offers the audience a new way to engage with the sound textures, tones, rhythms, and dynamics of the city


19h ▸ SOPA D´OSSO // dinner

21H ▸ CACTO + NUNO MORÃO // Requiem para um Invasor Abstracto

Concert by the free improvisation duo of Nuno Torres (alto saxophone) and Ricardo Jacinto (cello), here in dialogue with the drums of Nuno Morão.


22h ▸ MAGA-SAN // dj set