This chapter will be dedicated to present a summary of the exploded cello sonic vocabulary resulting from the current version of the electroacoustic device (as described in chapter II). The electroacoustic device includes three levels of components: Inputs (cello microphones), Interface (software and midi controller) and Outputs (speakers), in an interdependent relation. In this chapter I will demonstrate four different audio processes of fragmentation and dispersion that are in the basis of the exploded cello vocabulary, each corresponding to a specific setup configuration corresponding to the presented process:

– Internal audio feedback
– Delay and panning variation

– Direct resonance in external objects
– Automated feedback network and granulation

Each process includes videos demonstrating the most relevant cello techniques and short audio improvisations (studies) where the these techniques are developed and articulated. Each demonstration includes three sections: a general description of the technique, its scope, and a commentary.

The videos should be heard through headphones in order to fully experience the spatialization. Click on each of the images below for further information.