Exploded Cello: Fragmentation and Dispersion as strategies for a site-specific improvisational practice
Ricardo Jacinto, 2018
Practice-based PhD Thesis in Sonic Arts
Sonic Arts Research Centre
Queen’s University Belfast
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Music is a temporal practice whose roots may be imminently spatial. This thesis will enunciate the conceptual model and the practical manifestations of a research project in the context of solo music improvisation based on a particular relation between free improvisation and site-specific artistic practices. My activities as a cellist, sound artist with an academic background in architecture are articulated here to think through solo improvisations as a hybrid relation of concert-installation to a specific time and space.

This research focuses on a portfolio of concert-installation site-specific work leading to the development of a system comprised of a conceptual framework, an electroacoustic device, a dedicated sonic vocabulary and spatial and temporal strategies.