internal audio feedback

First fragmentation process of the exploded cello vocabulary. Based on internal audio feedback between the bow´s microphone and the vibrational transducers mounted on the body of the instrument. In this particular case the frequency of the resulting sound is determined by the resonant frequencies in the microphone, amplifier, and loudspeaker, the acoustics of the cello, the directionality of the contact microphone, emission patterns of the transducers and the distance between them.


These demonstrations show the manipulation of the bow as the instrument for controlling the feedback. Bow point of contact and pressure in different parts of the cello´s body provoke the feedback system to react in different ways.

DEMO 1. Exploring the contact between the hair and the bridge.

DEMO 2. Exploring the contact between the stick and the bridge.

DEMO 3. Exploring the contact between the tension screw and the bridge.

DEMO 4. Exploring the contact bewteen the microphone and the bridge.

DEMO 5. Exploring the hair in contact with other parts of the body (C bouts and back plate).

DEMO 6. Exploring the back plate with the screw, hair and microphone. Use of fast movements and articulation of feedback with bow friction.

DEMO 7. Exploring the contact between the screw and the fingerboard. Articulate this action with a pizzicato played with the screw.

DEMO 8. Exploring the contact between the screw and different points in the top plate. Articulating feedback with impact percussion.

DEMO 9. Exploring the contact between the bow (screw, stick, hair and microphone) with the endpin.



Studies for the Exploded Cello I

Recorded and mixed by Ricardo Jacinto at OSSO / São Gregório 2018

I — 01:24

II — 01:54

III — 02:24