direct resonance

This is the first process in the exploded cello´s dispersion vocabulary. It is still a manipulated process as it is performed by the direct sound of the cello resonating in external objects.

As an example for these type of vocabulary I will concentrate on exploring the resonant properties of three objects: two cymbals and one light metal structure. The differences between the cymbals implied the use of different pitch material to explore its resonances. The light structure shows a compound object where the rattling noises produced by the vibrating structure parts are used as part of the exploded cello vocabulary.

They all pose different questions regarding my choice of sonic vocabulary to perform their resonant specificities.


[cello + cymbal]

cymbal A

DEMO 1. Long bowing an open string. The continuous bowing with slight changes in dynamics has different results in the excited cymbal partials.

DEMO 2. Microtonal and chromatic variations around a central tone.

DEMO 3. Articulation of four tones trying out microtonal inflections and dynamic variations.

Cymbal B

DEMO 4. Slow scale in the full arm length testing the resonances of the different notes in different octaves.

DEMO 5. Testing three pre determined resonant notes separately and then superimposing them to explore the beatings of the activated partials

DEMO 6. Testing resonant note in four octaves.

DEMO 7. Upward microtonal changes searching for resonance differences.

[cello + light metal structure]

DEMO 8. Exploring the resonances around a central very resonant tone. Changing the octave.

DEMO 9. Continuos bowing articulating two notes with microtonal difference.

DEMO 10. Starting with extreme bow pressure with indefinite pitch, very noisy and harsh sound. Transiting to clear pitch. Changing to slow downward glissando.

DEMO 11. Upward glissando on each string. Moving from open string to end of fingerboard.

DEMO 12. Short phrases with pitch and dynamic variations exploring the different rattling resonance.


Studies for the exploded cello III

Live improvisation between the cello and external resonant objects

Selected track list:

[cello + cymbal]

III — 02:58

Fast continuos microtonal trill playing with dynamic and velocities.

II — 02:26

Pizzicato patterning around a limited group of (resonant) tones.

IV — 02:23

Right hand uses the bow to produce a soft noise between the bridge and the tailpiece, while left hand performs and “thumb” pizzicato melody.

IV — 00:59

Agressive bowing and fast noise changes to natural harmonics.

[cello + light metal structure]

VI — 01:53

Continuous bowing with glissandi variations.

V — 01:18

Free pizzicato patterning.

VII — 00:52

Rebound with bow´s screw and resonance imitation.

VIII — 00:57

Pizzicato and bowing dialogue.