Workshop of Ana Gil and Nuno Leão, from TERCEIRA PESSOA, with children from ages 6 to 10 and families. Integrated workshop in the DIA ABERTO #07 schedule.


If you were to tattoo a word on your body, what would it be? Now that you’ve chosen that word, think about where on your body you would tattoo it. On your leg? Your arm? Your hand? Your wrist? Your belly? Your back? Near the eye that sees better? Near the eye that sees worse?

In this workshop, we will experiment with our bodies as a canvas where a new poem can emerge. We start with each person’s body, their words, stories, memories, and unique sensations. And if we bring our bodies together, and if we start to intersect our shapes, our words, our stories, what emerges?

Various body-poems that meet, intersect, and explore. If we look from afar, perhaps we can discover a new body-poem-body that didn’t exist before. And together, we created it.

Local: OSSO, Aldeia de São Gregório
Date: July 30th 2022