Pedra / Papel / Tesoura | Summer workshop for young people
com Rita Thomaz e catarina Aguiar

Learning and experimentation through the transformation of materials, observing and taking advantage of their characteristics and potentialities. Creation of paper pulp through traditional techniques, and subsequent exploration of the different types of volumes and shapes that can be obtained from it. Development of photographic observation and experimentation habits, with a focus on documentary and experimental aspects. Participants will ultimately be confronted with the issues related to the organization and setup of a collective exhibition: selection of works and arrangement of objects in the gallery space where they will be publicly displayed.

Location: Casa da Avenida, Setúbal
Date: 16 to 20 August, 2021
Production: OSSO Colectivo
Suportters: Casa da Avenida e Câmara Municipal de Setúbal, Município de Setúbal