Planet Plip
Red Cloud Teatro de Marionetas residency with the students of Escola Básica de São Gregório. Residency included in EIRA #3.

A little planet of sounds
A cookie planet at each day that goes by
A planet cake at the planet’s garden
ordered and disordered
Some hover by the legs, some by the heads

Workshop created after the play for children PLIP. Based on the creative process of the show, the participants will idealize and create their mobile and private planet, going through the steps inherent to artistic creation, of an open creative universe always in transformation. Participants will, over a period of days, be introduced to the planet Plip, which will serve as a motor and inspiration, through small challenges launched. At the end, each participant will have their Plip kit (pieces of a puppet similar to a character in the show), which will be assembled like a lego and animated under the guidance of the trainers.

Rádio Plip – Programa de rádio para Eira #3
Planet Plip instructions book

Local: Aldeia de São Gregório
Date: 10th December 2020