Visit to the Fanadia Geodetic Point

Workshop run by Direcção Geral do Território for children aged 6 to 12.

In this workshop, we’ll cover topics on territory, cartography and orienteering. First, we’ll give a brief presentation on what Geodesy is (the science that deals with measuring and representing the shape and dimensions of the Earth) and the usefulness of geodesic vertices (materialized points on the ground that have precisely known coordinates). We will then present the various types of geodesic vertices that exist in Portugal (pyramids, bolembreans, pillars, etc.) and talk a little about their history. We will also introduce some of the devices used to make geodetic observations: theodolites (older ones) and GPS. Students will have the opportunity to see these instruments in person and learn how some surveying work is carried out, which is essential for any construction project and also for drawing up maps. If the weather is good, the “Treasure Hunt” activity is planned, where the children will be able to acquire some notions of orientation and travel to the “Fanadia” geodesic vertex, located about 1.5 km from the OSSO Association.


Local: OSSO, Aldeia de São Gregório
Date: 7th December 2023