Maurício Martins | MILL – Makers in Little Lisbon residency with the students of Escola Básica de São Gregório. Residency included inEIRA #2.

In this workshop we are going to make our own electric plasticine! The plasticine circuits are based on two types of plasticine mass, one that has conductive characteristics (colored mass) and another that has insulating characteristics (white mass). With this plasticine we will be able to make objects, toys and sculptures, which light up, move and make noise.
This activity aims to introduce children to the principles of electrical circuits in a fun and very practical way, with material that is familiar to them and a favorite in creative projects.

Electricity and electric circuits
Conductivity and resistance of materials
Open circuit, closed circuit and short circuit
Leds, motors and buzzers

“Squishy Circuits” is a project by “Playful Learning Lab” from St. Thomas University in the United States made by the professor AnnMarie Thomas. She’s the author os the book “MAking Makers” edited by Maker Media in 2014

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Local: Aldeia de São Gregório
Date: October 2020