Perdidos e achados – um labirinto para nos encontrarmos

Artistic residence of Madalena Matoso, Planeta Tangerina, with the students of Escola Básica de São Gregório.

With boxes, pens, tape and collages we will create a maze that grows, changes place and transforms itself. A maze is a way where we get lost. Labyrinths are incompetent paths. Why should we go around if what we want is to arrive at the end? Let’s build a collective maze, a maze full of curves, intersections, bifurcations, undulations and dead ends. As we build the paths, we may find things that scare us, frighten us, upset us, and make us happy. We can do all kinds of paths as long as they meet at the end. Shall we make an appointment?

Supports: Centro de Apoio Social da Freguesia de São Gregório, Junta da Freguesia do Pópulo, Coto e São Gregório, Direção Geral das artes.
Location: Escola Básica de São Gregório
Dates: 29 – 30 april, 2019