An extra-terrestrial book

Catarina Botelho residency with the students of Escola Básica de São Gregório. Residency included in EIRA #1.

What happens when we decide to look at everything around us, what we see every day, as if it were the first time? as if we had never learned the name of things, what are they for, as if we had never touched the surface of it or heard its sounds?

An extra-terrestrial book proposes a journey through the places where we live, as if we were going to a foreign, distant land. In an appeal to careful observation, we seek a movement that dislocates us, that moves us.
This proposal invokes the concept of sociology of image, by Silvia Rivera Cusicanqui, which the thinker defines as the use of methods of analysis and research that Western visual anthropologists apply to cultures and peoples that are alien to them, in a methodology of colonial root, while our own daily lives. A call to defamiliarize, to unlearn, to wonder, as a form of analysis and more in-depth and critical knowledge of the society in which we live, of what we are in some way or reproduce.

The statement of the activity was designed to captivate a child audience, in which each participant is invited to wear the skin of an extra-terrestrial who has just arrived on Earth. But this is a challenge that we would like to invite people of all ages to join.

“Um livro extra-terrestre”  por Catarina Botelho

Local: Aldeia de São Gregório
Date: Entrega do kit para realização da oficina 27 de junho de 2020.