Perforated paper for embroidery yarn

Carla Castiajo residency with the Social Support Center, to the Seniores of Aldeia de São Gregório. Residency included in EIRA #3.

Bordados das Caldas are difficult to date but, given their designation (Bordados das Caldas da Rainha or da Rainha Dona Leonor, they are thought to go back to the time when queen Dona Leonor, D. João III’s wife, administrated her hospital. In her spare time, it is thought that, together with her maids, they performed beautiful embroidered works, with hypothetical Indian, Spanish or Venetian influences. It is said that queen Dona Leonor directed “Serões de Agulha”, where ladies from the region went to learn the arts of embroidery.

The perforated card was invented by Joseph-Marie Jacquard, in 1801, as an initial project of an automated “loom”. It is a card which, by the presence or absence of holes in predefined positions, represents information, being considered the precursor of computers’ memory.

These were the references used for the creation of the workshop, designed for IPSS users in São Gregório, that, due to the current restrictions and individual protection issues, will probably be held at home. For this reason, it was developed to be easy to perform, and with the purpose of being a relaxing exercise. With the paper that will be perforated and the embroidery thread, a harmonious card can be created, to be hung or to be offered to someone special.

Local: Aldeia de São Gregório
Data: 5th to 19th December 2020