Plasticus Maritimus

Artistic residence of Ana Pêgo de Carvalho, Plasticus Maritimus, with the students of Creche de São de Gregório.

Environmental education activities – Construction of small sculptures with plastic objects collected on the beach. Plasticus maritimus is the scientific name of a species that is invading our lives and our beaches. Through environmental education activities, artistic projects and exhibitions, we aim to educate and inform the population about the consequences of our daily habits on the environment, more specifically, about the problem of plastic waste in the oceans.

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Supports: Centro de Apoio Social da Freguesia de São Gregório, Junta da Freguesia do Pópulo, Coto e São Gregório, Direção Geral das artes.
Location: Praia Foz do Arelho e Centro de Apoio Social da Freguesia de São Gregório
Dates: 11 and 26 July, 2018