Sound arts and music workshop | MEDUSA (for Charlotte Posenenske)
Project by Ricardo Jacinto (OSSO) + Tup Teatro Universitário do Porto with the participation of Nuno Torres (OSSO), Mauricio Martins and Tiago Rorke (MILL)

Concert-installation for cello, electronics, recorded sound and resonant objects. Medusa gives its name to an electroacoustic system through which Ricardo Jacinto has been exploring, in a specific relationship between musical improvisation and architecture, a sound vocabulary derived from the image of the exploded cello; fragmentation and consequent dispersion in the surrounding space.
This project with TUP – Teatro Universitário do Porto is marked by the meeting of Medusa with a copy of the play Square Tubes: Serie D, by Charlotte Posenenske (1930-1985), through the use of its elements as resonant objects.

With the aim of integrating a group of performers from the University Theater of Porto in the Medusa project, Ricardo Jacinto directed a set of workshop and tutorial sessions where the participants developed a set of sound pieces based on field recordings in the city of Porto, as well as sculptural and performative solutions resulting from the play Square Tubes. These were later integrated into a public presentation promoted by TUP in collaboration with IRL and OSSO.

Guidance: Ricardo Jacinto
Date: Several sessions between May and July 2019
Location: TUP – Teatro Universitário do Porto
Partners: MILL, IRL, TUP