Music workshop – Free improvisation | THE SELVA at Festival Jazz ao Largo
Free improvisation workshop:
– Understanding of the various concepts of idiomatic and non-idiomatic improvisation.
– Spontaneous creation and improvisation concepts.
– Importance of instrument sound. What sounds are possible to create on the instrument, outside the conventional and functional scope? Call for approaches with alternative or extensive techniques in the instrument.
– Creation of ensemble / s to work in groups on forms of spontaneous improvisation. This implies making instantaneous and constant decisions, based on careful listening and creative response.
– Methods, elements, musical parameters and possibilities for improvisation through guidelines and group “games”.

Listen Internal / External
– Sound / Silence
– Parameters (dynamics, rhythm, pitch, articulation, timbre)
– Textures
– Exploration of the Instrument
– Functions (Driver / Leader / Follower)
– Places (foreground / background)
– Orchestration
– Improvisation with and without guidelines

Guidance: THE SELVA, Gonçalo Almeida, Nuno Morão e Ricardo Jacinto
Date: 14th September 2019
Location: Festival Jazz ao Largo, Barcelos
Support: Festival Jazz ao Largo