Electronic music workshop | Build a synth DIY with Martí Guillem
The participants will explore the posibilities of the integrated circuit 40106 Smith trigger // hex inverter
What’s a circuit?
What is an electronic component? Resistors, condensers, switches, leds, pots, ldr, diodes, conectors…
What they can do? Some examples.
Make a led blink!
What is square wave?
How to make an oscilator?
Ways to make more oscilators.
How to use them? Tone, volume, mixing, modulation.
Interaction and interface.
Have fun with sound and diy electronics !!!

Guidance: Martí Guillem
Date: 18.03.2019
Location: Viveiro da ESAD
Partner: Grémio Caldense
More info: marti-net.blogspot.com