MEDUSA unit (umbra, penumbra e antumbra)
concert-installation for acoustic instruments, electronics and resonant objects

Oficinas do Convento || Montemor-o-Novo
November 13th || 19h
Sala do Francês

In context of the project INVASOR ABSTRACTO #2, OSSO presents a closing event by the ensemble MEDUSA unit. This event will have a hybrid format between a concert and an installation, as the ensemble will play live from OSSO´s studios (São Gregório, Caldas da Rainha), remotely activating a sound installation of resonant objects, specifically designed for Sala do Francês at Convento de São Francisco, Oficinas do Convento.

This event can be followed at Oficinas do Convento and on the web from a live-stream audio, accessible at

Álvaro Rosso: double bass
Angélica Salvi: harp, electronics
João Almeida: pocket trumpet
Nuno Morão: percussion, keyboards, electronics
Ricardo Jacinto: cello, electronics and composition
Violeta Azevedo: flute and electronics
Yaw Tembe: trumpet, electronics

Artistic direction: Ricardo Jacinto
Technical Team: Suse Ribeiro (sound OSSO), João Bastos (sound Oficinas do Convento), Vasco Pita and Nuno Torres (net)

MEDUSA Unit is an ensemble that gives continuity to the solo project (for cello, electronics and resonant objects) that Ricardo Jacinto has been presenting since 2014.
This project included the development of an electroacoustic device which allowed the sonic and sculptural fragmentation and dispersion of his gestures and the body of the instrument. MEDUSA uses the Explosion´s narrative as a strategy of musical articulation between the auscultation of the inner resonances of the instrument and the surrounding space.

This new formation is presented as a continuation of the initial premises of the project, but this time with a broad group of improviser-musicians called to embody scores dedicated to explore relations and develop strategies of interaction between the ensemble and the specific concert sites.


At the end of the concert, at 8pm, Nuno Torres and Tiago Fróis will talk about the network music project MATRIZ, which has just launched a phonographic edition in a partnership between OSSO, as OFICINAS DO CONVENTO, a SONOSCOPIA and STRESS.FM live at

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