Open Call: Project Residencies
Residency period: 2nd semester 2020 (to be scheduled with selected candidates)
Submission deadline: under reformulation

All applications should be submitted through the following online form.

While we are open to welcoming differentiated and unexpected projects in their thematic content and typology of practice, OSSO and its collective reinforce the interest in welcoming artists, national or international, whose practices are articulated with the notion of Territory.

The concept of Territory is multifaceted and ambiguous. It relates to notions such as space and place, identity and community, dominion and control. It may refer to areas of land, but also areas of knowledge, activity or experience. In addition, territories inform identities, conditioning or generating values ​​between communities. They are in constant transformation, expansion and contraction, and thus generate new dimensions of convergence, conversion or conflict. Borders are places of tension and its movements are expressed by presenting the territory as a dynamic entity. Territories are also social constructs, products of agency that encompass physical, virtual, social, political, experiential and affective spaces.

Accommodation includes three bedrooms, one kitchen / living room, a shared bathroom, a fully functioning Studio (60m2) and a Workshop (50m2). For detailed information, please check the following document:

Wellcome file

For the realisation of their projects, residents may require continued support from our technicians (audiovisual and workshop) as long as previously agreed and budgeted. However, at the beginning of each residence we will ensure the presence of a technician to set up the Technical Rider or give any clarification on the requested equipment.

Together with the residents, we may organize the presentation of their projects in an Open Studio format or in presentations in the city of Caldas da Rainha (Grémio Caldense).

All projects will be disseminated through OSSO’s digital platforms such as website, newsletter, social networks, as well as in local, national and international media partners. For such, residents should authorise the residency documentation and its publication.

We welcome residencies from artists of all areas. Residency proposals should have a minimum duration of one week and a maximum of one month. We will privilege projects of interdisciplinary and experimental with a focus (but not exclusively) on practices that explore the notion of Territories. Proposals can be individual or of up to 5 people*. These include projects that require the studio, workshop, or simply a bedroom with a work space.

* we can exceptionally welcome a larger number of people if previously agreed.

Budgets will be determined according to the number of applicants per proposal, work space required, tech rider and project relevance according to the proposed theme. Budgets will be based on the following chart.

OSSO is unable to provide financial assistance to cover travelling costs and accommodation for artists accepted on the Open Call. However, we can provide letters of support for artists seeking funding. For any further queries, please contact ossoopencall[at]

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