TRABALHO DE INVERNO (Winter work) is a sound and performative piece whose center are three stone instruments (Lithophones), reconfiguration of the archaic manual mills, which usethe strength and weight of two hard stones—one stationary (sleeping) and one that crashes (moving). The resulting sound from the movement of the stones is amplified and simultaneously electronically modeled and diffused through a quadriphonic system for the spatialization of the sound in the room. When played simultaneously, the three lithophones create a myriad of harmonies and resonances, glassy and sandy, in a succession of long and mechanical sound cycles.
In addition to the sound work, the project includes a visual and exhibition dimension, under permanent construction, functioning as an outer belt where the elements diverge (drawings, photographs, texts and diagrams) and all the documentation created around the project.

title: Trabalho de Inverno
group: Matéria Simples
team: João Pimenta Gomes, Pedro Tropa, Teresa Santos.

Performance at Galeria Quadra Azul | 07.07.2021



– 2 Lithophones (limestone + clay brick) with wooden acoustic support.
– Modular synthesizer; sampler/granular + clouds + filters.
– 2 cardioid microphones type Oktava Mk-012 + supports.
– 2 AKG c411 pp contact microphones.
– 1 Eventide Black Hole pedal.
– 1 6/8-channel mixing console.
– quadriphonic system of 4 active nearfield monitors + supports.
– 2 low tables (180x80x45 + 100x80x45)
– 3 wooden benches