Territórios Temporários: network music

A proposal to create and explore the idea of “temporary territories” as spaces of sound and aural intervention in a specific context, city or place, resulting in a listening event of performatic and installation character.

It develops through the collection of sound in real time from diverse soundscapes that constitute the aural heritage of the place and reflect its cultural experience. A proposal that challenges the displacement and overlapping of sound spaces, the aggregation and fragmentation of the aural landscape.

Temporary Territories is based on a system made up of three main components, the implementation of an Internet network composed of a set of audio capture and transmission points distributed in the context of the intervention; their live connection to a central server where the sound piece is processed; and the creation of a public listening and resonance space.

Artistic Direction: Nuno Torres



Festival Cidade Preocupada – Oficinas do Convento

– Montemor-o-Novo – 2nd to 9th June 2017

Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa

– Lisboa – 9th to 16th September 2017

Festval MAGA – SILOS Contentor Criativo

– Caldas da Rainha – 15th to 24th November 2018

Festival Giacometti – Museu Municipal

– Ferreira do Alentejo – 30th May to 2nd June 2019

Dar a Ouvir | Paisagens Sonoras da Cidade – Convento de São Francisco

– Coimbra – 4th July to 1st September 2019