SPECTRUM: Sound Installation
An object with a negative pulse of collection and sound fragmentation.
Challenging the listening relations of the current radio paradigms that are found between the FM and web media, Spectrum seeks to continue the experiments with radio by John Cage, Maryanne Amacher and Max Neuhaus, through the development of a sound installation with a set FM Radios distributed throughout the exhibition space, each with a robotic tuning system.
The installation presents itself as a radio chorus, whose “voices” depend on the interaction between the reception of FM broadcasts that are “on the air”.
A project that explores the installation model as a living ecosystem.
Sound piece for six radios, with microprocessor controlled stepper motors.

[raspberry pi | rádio | puredata | pyton]

Nuno Torres: conception and direction
Maurício Martins: hardware consultant
Ricardo Tocha: object design
Vasco Pita: software development

Presentation of the piece within the project INVASOR ABSTRACTO#2, at galeria municipal de Montemor-o-Novo, October 30th to November 13th 2020.