site-specific sound installation using five headphones and five distributed chairs.

Duration: variable

Five synchronized binaural recordings of a group performance composed after an archeology of the sounding gestures and actions common to the contemporary use of an art gallery. Articulated with the spatial and acoustic specificities of each venue, the recorded actions take into consideration how one moves in space, the implied necessity for silence, the pauses to contemplate, facing the walls or surrounding an object, or even taking pictures are actions included in each performance. Disruptive actions were also included.

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Colecção Fundação Leal Rios


DIPLOPIAS (Culturgest, Lisboa 2020) / 26.09.2020
: Invisible Exhibition / Curated by Delfim Sardo

Duration: 45’ (loop)

Performed by: David Jacinto, Fernão Cruz, Francisca Branco, Nuno Morão, Ricardo Jacinto, Ricardo Tocha, Rita Thomaz, Teresa Carepo, Bruno Marchand, Mario Valente, Sara Morais, Silvia Gomes e Xavier Ovídio.

Technical support: Nuno Morão

DIPLOPIAS (Galeria Vera Cortês, Lisboa 2013)

Duration: 30’ 53’’ (loop)

Performed by: Carla Cardoso, Manuel Henriques, David Jacinto, Susana Pomba, Vera Cortês, Rita Jacinto, João Quirino, Beatriz Cantinho, Beatriz Farinheira, Ricardo Jacinto, Sara Morais, Nuno Ribeiro, Diogo Alvim, João Machado and Nuno Torres.


by Mário Lopes

by Celso Martins