Coral Furtivo
Trio formed by Adriana Sá, Ricardo Jacinto and Yaw Tembe to develop a new music-stage work for the opening of the concert series of Teatro do Bairro Alto.

With a concept, score, interpretation, light design and space arrangement developed in collaboration, the work process is grounded on a common will: to discover a specific musical idiom with invented and modified instruments, while considering that music involves vision and space, beyond audition. The configuration of these instruments motivated the development of compositional strategies from each of the members. The work explores diverse ways of multiplying and confounding their identities, while shifting attention in-between performers, surrounding environment and other imaginary places. It drives perception through melodies of floating tonal centers, atonal moments, noisy dialogues and theatrical soundscapes.

Ricardo extends the cello with Mx/Msp as well as with contact loudspeakers attached to a gong, a piano and a tam-tam and using them as resonating extensions. Yaw extends his trumpet with direct resonance in suspended metal plaques and a snare drum using Pure Data patches for real time processing. Adriana plays the zither and the AG#3 software, which processes audio samples – including sounds from the cello and the trumpet – based on pitch analysis from the zither input, as well as a light percussion instrument, which includes an audio-generator connected to a light sensor attached to a stroboscope