Open Day #03:

For the 3rd Open Day, we will have two concerts and a dinner from our neighbor in A-dos-Francos, Chef José Roseira. In the first concert, a group that combines free improvisation with real-time text writing. The TextuAlive trio, featuring Margarida Azevedo (text), Hernâni Faustino (double bass), and Miguel Mira (cello), will present the work developed during their residency at OSSO at 5:30 PM. After dinner, we will have a concert by Diogo Alvim and Matilde Meireles. Following their performance the previous night at the Convento de São Francisco in Coimbra, they will explore the sound materials from the “Campo Próximo” sound installation. This installation uses field recordings from selected locations between São Gregório and Convento São Francisco, where it was first presented.

Supporters: Centro de Apoio Social da Freguesia de São Gregório e Direcção Geral das Artes.
Location: Estúdios Osso
Date: 25.01.20


Fotography: Sara Morais


17h ▸ OPEN DOORS // visitation


TextuAlive was born from the desire to translate the “Quem escreve um solo acrescenta-lhe um conto” column from the (Diz)Sonâncias project into a live performance. It was a long-awaited pregnancy, a lengthy but painless delivery. There was no request for an epidural, and every moment was carefully timed with deep breaths and the essential strength required for the birth of any project.

The trio consists of Hernâni Faustino (who skillfully gives life to the double bass), Miguel Mira (who brings the cello and leaves countless stories in the resonance of the strings), and Margarida Azevedo (who plays keyboards projecting words onto a canvas). The challenge was initiated by her. The desire to make (Diz)Sonâncias a true synergy between sounds and words drove her to dive headfirst into a bottomless well of possibilities and collaborative efforts.

The first story was born directly from one of Hernâni’s solos, and it was at that moment that she realized that writing within a trio during improvisation was the next step. It’s a pure improvisational work where the audience will journey between sounds and words, improvising in the moment, weaving sounds, words, directions, and stories.

If there’s a moment when our hearts will be in the hands of all three of us, it will be the exact moment of sharing with the audience. The result? It promises originality, creativity, and, above all, a journey that won’t begin with “Once upon a time…”

+ info: TextuAlive

18h ▸ MATILDE MEIRELES // The Green Drones

Living in Belfast (Northern Ireland), sound artist Matilde Meireles brings us a concert where the city of Belfast is revisited through a dialogue between field recordings and the “drones” of telecommunication boxes. “The Green Drones” offers the audience a new way to engage with the sound textures, tones, rhythms, and dynamics of the city.


19h ▸ JOSÉ ROSEIRA // dinner


“Campo Próximo” is a sound installation that works on the perception and construction of places, connecting remote locations with the space in which it is presented. In this installation, field recordings from selected places between São Gregório, in the municipality of Caldas da Rainha (where the headquarters of the OSSO collective is located), and Convento São Francisco are used, drawing a line that crosses the territory. Each recording is presented for a period of time proportional to the distance between the original place and the listening location. This duration corresponds to the time it would take for sound to travel that distance in a straight line, like the flight of a bee or a crow. Diogo and Matilde will present a musical intervention in which they will explore the sound materials from this research in concert format.

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