a programme of exhibitions, performances and concerts with works by Matilde Meireles, Nuno Morão, Nuno Torres, Pedro Tropa, Ricardo Jacinto and Rita Thomaz.

de 17th April to 30th June 2021
Gnration, Braga

Unfolding in a programme of installations, performances and concerts, Invasor Abstracto is a project dedicated to the circulation of different constellations of OSSO members, proposing itself as a space of reflection, creation and collective presentation. Each iteration intersects the creative territories outlined by each author, within an imagined journey between OSSO’s creative centre (São Gregório’s village in Caldas da Rainha, Portugal), other distant places and each presentation space. Invasor Abstracto is the nomad expression of a collective whose artistic work operates on a notion of territory, with a focus on its aesthetic and political implications on the construction of temporary communities.

In this third edition it presents an installation distributed over several spaces of GNRATION, where music, drawing, photography, sound, sculpture, video and performance, establish (through their singularities and hybridizations) a network of dialogues between the architecture of the building, the village of São Gregório and the cities of Belfast and Braga.

In addition to the three performances that activated the sound content of different pieces of the installation (Chuva, Spectrum and Som Alvo), on the 8th of May, a concert-installation by the MEDUSA Unit (Ricardo Jacinto com Álvaro Rosso, Eleonor Picas, João Almeida, Nuno Morão, Violeta Azevedo e Yaw Tembe) will close the performative program of this collective.

Spectrum (2020) | Nuno Torres (c/ Maurício Martins, Ricardo Tocha e Vasco Pita)
: six radios with stepper motors controlled by microprocessors and real-time sound synthesis.

O Parlamento de Charibdys (2021) | Ricardo Jacinto
: drawings, photographs, models and scores for MEDUSA unit

Desenho-Diagrama (2020) | Pedro Tropa
: coloured pencils on paper

Chuva (2020-21) | Pedro Tropa + Ricardo Jacinto
: reed segments, wood structure, suspended objects, sound, electronics and contact speakers in resonant structures (this piece is distributed over the gallery rooms and the facades of the building’s inner courtyard).

The Green Drones (2019-20) | Matilde Meireles
: vinyl sticker, photographs and stereo sound (duration: 21’17” / sound composition based on audio recordings of telecom boxes at different points in the city of Belfast).

Canal (2021) | Ricardo Jacinto
: mirrored metal tube

S/título (2020) | Rita Thomaz (c/ Sara Morais)
: video 16:9, colour, stereo sound / duration: 8’48” ( documentary video on paper manufacturing)

Maçãs tombadas (2019) | Pedro Tropa
: photographs – Silver print

S/título (série #k 1.1 a 1.3) (2021) | Rita Thomaz
: suspended drawings on paper pulp.

Som Alvo (2021) | Nuno Morão
: binaural recording of percussion solo for skins, bells and gongs (duration: 10’21”).