Invasor Abstracto #2
a programme of exhibitions and concerts with works by Nuno Torres, Pedro Tropa, Ricardo Jacinto and Rita Thomaz.

30th October to 13th November 2020
In Montemor-o-Novo, at Galeria Municipal and Oficinas do Convento (Convento de São Francisco)

“Invasor Abstracto” is a project dedicated to the circulation of different constellations of members of the collective OSSO. In its various iterations, the creative territories of each author are intersected within an imagined journey between their creative center (Aldeia de São Gregório, Caldas da Rainha) and the spaces and communities that welcome them. “Invasor Abstracto” is the nomadic expression of a collective whose artistic work has operated on the notion of territory, in the aesthetic and political implications that it may have in the construction of temporary communities that OSSO promotes, or in those where it is inserted.

In this context OSSO presents in Montemor-o-Novo, by invitation of Oficinas do Convento, a collective exhibition and a concert. Music, drawing, photography, sound, sculpture and video operate, through their singularity and their hybridizations, dialogues between the proposals of each member of the collective, the landscape of São Gregório and the city of Montemor-o-Novo.

Pedro Tropa exhibitis a brief photographic essay with a circumscribed tour of the microcosm of the plantations and orchards of São Gregório, as well a drawing-diagram about the exhibition. Nuno Torres presents a sound installation in dialogue with John Cage’s Imaginary Landscape nº4, through the development of a robotic FM tuning device. Rita Thomaz is showing five suspended drawings and a documentary video, exploring the manual fabrication of paper as a tool for constructing the drawing, where the sheet of paper ceases to be merely a support and takes on an objective, cinematographic character. Ricardo Jacinto composed three new scores for the MEDUSA unit, an ensemble for acoustic instruments, electronics and resonant objects, performed live on the last day of this programme, creating a hybrid moment between concert and installation. Finally in “Chuva”, an installation by Pedro Tropa and Ricardo Jacinto, dozens of reed segments invade the gallery floor as a sculptural and sonic device.

30th October to 13th November / Galeria Municipal de Montemor-o-Novo
Nuno Torres, Pedro Tropa, Ricardo Jacinto and Rita Thomaz

13th November / Oficinas do Convento and OSSO colectivo
MEDUSA unit (Umbra, Penumbra e Antumbra) | Concert-installation for acoustic instruments,
electronics and resonant objects.
Ricardo Jacinto with Álvaro Rosso, Angélica Salvi, João Almeida, Nuno Morão, Violeta Azevedo and Yaw Tembe.


Desenho-Diagrama (2020) | Pedro Tropa
: coloured pencil on paper.

Chuva (2020) | Pedro Tropa + Ricardo Jacinto
: reed segments.

Maças Tombadas (2019) | Pedro Tropa
: photographs – Silver print

Partituras para MEDUSA unit (2020)| Ricardo Jacinto
Umbra (2020)
: plotter print drawing
Antumbra (2020)
: plotter print drawing
Penumbra (2020)
: plotter print drawing

Corrente de ar (2020) | Rita Thomaz
S´título (series #j 2.1 to 2.5) (2020)
: suspended drawings on white and blue cotton paper pulp
S´título (2020) (w/ Sara Morais)
: video 16:9, colour, stereo sound / duration: 8’48” ( documentary video on paper manufacturing)

Spectrum (2020) | Nuno Torres (w/ Maurício Martins, Ricardo Tocha and Vasco Pita)
: six radios with stepper motors controlled by microprocessors and sound synthesis in real time.