Open SoundLab 2018/2019
A space for regular meeting and sharing that promotes discussion and reflection around music and sound in a close articulation with computing and digital fabrication.
Through experimentation and the development of projects and ideas in the fields of software and hardware, and in the field of digital interfaces, we propose to hold informal meetings, monthly, open to anyone who wants to join.

17th session: Theme – Open Frameworks; invited artist – André Sier: “A~” | 30.11.2019
16th session: Theme – Arduíno; invited artist – Luís Loureiro: “DEMOSCENE” | 26.10.2019
15th session: Theme – Raspberry Pi; invited artist – Giuliano Obici: “Vaza Jato Dissimulation: Open Chat Sonoro” | 28.09.2019
14th session: Theme – Raspberry Pi; invited artisto – Robert Allison: “Installation – Cube” | 5.05.2019
13th session: Theme – Raspberry Pi; invited artist – Magno Caliman: “squareFuck” | 27.04.2019
12th session: Theme – Pure Data; invited artist – Guilherme Martins: “8 Step Midi Sequencer” | 30.03.2019
11th session: Theme – Arduíno; invited artist – Paulo Andringa: “Airplane Music” | 23.02.2019
10th session: 26.01.2019
9th session: 04.11.2018
8th session: 27.10.2018
7th session: 29.09.2018
6th session: 01.09.2018
5th session: 28.07.2018
4th session: 30.06.2018
3rd session: 26.05.2018
2nd session: 28.04.2018
1st session: 31.03.2018

Guidance: Maurício Martins, Nuno Torres and Tiago Rorke
Date: 2018/2019
Location: MILL / Estúdios Osso
Partners: MILL,